Industrial Engineering Research Topics

Industrial Engineering Research Topics is the technique for developing productivity by proper using of manpower, machine, current infrastructures & facilities of the factory. A simple definition of IE is a logical way to find out-The best way to do something, The time required to do it and the way to measure results. The goal of IE are Optimize the productivity, Minimize the wastage, Optimize the productivity, Optimize the productivity. To ensure that, Smooth & planned activities in production process design & development. Processes are validated. This procedure is applicable to all activities related to process design from operation breakdown to all the steps of process development. Its means the production of per man per hr.


  •     1. Man-40, prdn-120/hr
  •      productivity: 120/40=3
  •     2. Man-25, prdn-100/hr
  •      productivity: 100/25=4
  •      Better one is 2
Industrial Engineering Thesis Topics
IE Example

Industrial Engineering Thesis Topics

Sop for Industrial Engineering

  • When doing sample development work-study officer prepare the operation break down with the help of sample technician. Further he is responsible for the making technical detail sheet with the help of sample room technician. Further IE officer is responsible for costing & planning SMV providing.
Sop for Industrial Engineering
Sop for Industrial Engineering
  • Production IE officer is responsible to collect the OB from the sample room and prepare layout. While making lay out he is responsible for x-checking the OB against the sample to avoid mistakes in the OB. If there is deviation he has to amend the OB and layout, it should be discuss in the PP meeting before implementing.
  • After making layout or line balancing he is responsible for providing it to the mechanics, supervisors & technicians. This has to distribute before PP meeting and before line sample making.
  • Before line feeding IE officer is responsible to ensure all operator skills and machines available with relevant persons. If not he is responsible for finding solution with top management or enforcing training etc.
  • Before or during line feeding IE officer should be in the line and make sure all pre-setting and work placement as per their SMV calculation.
  • IE officer is responsible for educating operators about individual targets, efficiency etc.
  • IE is responsible for driving the feeding team to achieve feeding targets.
  • After line feeding complete he is responsible for achieving learning curves using work study techniques. If there is any discrepancy he has to revise the line balancing as per the situation or improve the work method.
  • IE department is responsible for providing bellow management information reports, daily efficiency report, daily loss time report, weekly manpower status, weekly efficiency report, weekly performance report. The above are the industrial engineering sop.
  • Further IE officers are responsible for method improvement & SMV reductions, maintain SMV data base, maintain skill matrix, operator training requirements etc.

Industrial Engineering More Concept

What is Industrial Engineering ?

  • Industrial Engineering is the abbreviation of Industrial Engineering.
  • IE is a science to design, improve and set the integrated system of personnel, material, equipment, source and information.
  • The mission of IE is to raise the efficiency, lower the cost and improve quality.

The present situation of IE spreading in auto garment:

We have set up IE department, the organization contains IE officer, assistant and clerk. Besides the Adm. Center and Sample Room have their IE staffs, there are IE staffs stationed in 2 factories to render service.

Main function of Center IE:

  • Instruct, supervise and cooperate with factory IE.
  • Analyses and appraises the concerned data of each factory, and report to management.

Main function of Sample Room IE:

Confirm the SAM of all samples and bulk.

industrial engineering sop

Main function of  Factory IE:

  • Determine the operation time of each process and unit price.
  • Efficiency analysis and prepare the related report forms.
  • Working method studies, working flow improvement, workshop layout design, and render variety of suggestion contributed to raise efficiency and lower cost.
  • Execute the job assigned by the factory manager.

Industrial Engineering Thesis Topics Documents:

  • Operation analysis sheet.
  • Technical sheet.
  • Lay out sheet.
  • SMV bank.
  • Operators training record.