Monitoring and Measuring Equipment


To Control of Monitoring and Measuring Equipment and maintain inspection, measuring and test equipment used by the Auto Garments Ltd. to demonstrate the conformance of product to the specified requirements


This procedure applies to inspection, measuring and test equipment used by Auto Garments Ltd.


Maintenance in-charge is responsible for calibration of inspection, measuring and test equipment.

Quality Control is responsible for ensuring that only calibrated equipments are used for inspection, measuring and test.

Policy for Control of Monitoring and Measuring Equipment

  • Measurement is carried out in a manner that is consistent with the monitoring nd measurement requirements.
  • Measurement and inspection equipment is calibrated at defined interval.
  • Measurement and inspection standards are traceable to national or international standard.
  • Measurement and inspection standards and equipment are identified based on their calibration status.
  • Ensure Safeguard from adjustment that would invalidate measurement results
  • Ensure protection from damage and deterioration during handling,  maintenance and storage.
  • To take appropriate action when it is found that the previous measuring results not to conform to requirements.


  • Adequacy of Monitoring And Measuring Equipment:
  • Measurement process shall be identified in measurement specification sheet, Recording forms etc.
  • Quality Control is responsible for selecting an existing piece of instrument or purchasing new instrument having sufficient accuracy.
  • Instrument or standard used to calibrate equipment must have an accuracy better than that of the equipment being calibrated.

Intervals of Calibration

  • Calibration of Monitoring and Measuring Equipment shall be done  at an interval defined in recording form or as recommended by calibration source.
  • Calibration Status Monitoring and measuring standards shall be labeled to indicate calibration status.  calibrated Monitoring and Measuring Equipment and measurement standard shall be identified by “CALIBRATED”  label.
  • The label shall identify the date calibrated (month, day, year), specific
  • Calibration due date and the initial of the person calibrated the  Equipment.
  • Out of Calibration Monitoring and Measuring Equipment or having
  • limitations of their use shall be labeled “DO NOT USE.”
  • When it is impractical to apply a calibration label directly to an
  • Monitoring And Measuring Equipment, the calibration label may be affixed to the equipment container or some other suitable measure may be used to reflect calibration status. Any alternate methods shall  include the identification number.

Calibration Source

  • Monitoring and Measuring equipment and measurement standards hall be calibrated by Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution   (BSTI) or an approved source whose calibration is traceable to any  national, international or industrial recognized standard.
  • The calibration source shall be responsible for assuring that calibration  is traceable to agencies other than recognized source. The measurement standards used in obtaining their results shall be traceable and with the applied standard through documented objective evidence.

In-House Calibration

  • Calibration shall be performed according to the calibration test method corresponding to the equipment/instrument being
  • Calibrated
  • Storage and Handling
  • Monitoring and Measurement Equipment and measurement standards shall be safeguarded, handled, stored, and transported in a manner   such that the accuracy and fitness for use are maintained.
  • The Maintenance Technician will maintain all records of calibration in Calibration Record . The record shall be maintained for a period for at least 2 year


Quality Control shall assess calibration result every year.


  • Based on the assessment and based on that assessment
  • Quality Control may shortened or lengthened the interval of calibration.
  • Out of Calibration Conditions
  • When a Monitoring and Measuring Equipment is found to be out of calibration, the Manager, Quality Control shall
  • Assess all products manufactured using the defective equipment within the period of last calibration date to
  • date of detection of the defect. This assessment, as well as any further actions as detailed below, shall be recorded.
  • Verify if the out of calibration discrepancy found on the  Monitoring And Measuring Equipment is still within requirements for measuring product specification.This  is acceptable if the out of calibration condition is still within the accuracy required for measuring products.
  • Quality Control is responsible for assessing risk posed by the out-of-calibration condition.  He may involve General Manager at his discretion to evaluate any actions necessary including notifying to buyer for recall.
  • If the products are still within the specification, no further action is required
  • If buyer wants to return the products, Auto Garments will replace the products.
  • If buyer does not require any action to take from Auto Garments side the action part will close from Auto Garments side.


Control of Monitoring and Measuring Equipment- Any Monitoring and Measurement Equipment found to be out of calibration shall be removed from use by the Maintenance Technician  or Manager, Quality Control and shall take appropriate action to re-calibrate.