Equipment Maintenance


To ensure continuing process capability of Equipment Maintenance


This procedure applies for suitable maintenance of all production Equipment Maintenance .




Maintenance Dept. In-charge is responsible to follow this procedure


Preventive Maintenance:

All machines will be overhauled by the maintenance department in every two months of frequency.

The maintenance record will be maintained in Breakdown Maintenance Form

Breakdown Maintenance:

Record of breakdown maintenance will be maintained in Breakdown Maintenance Form

Record of parts replaced due to breakdown or overhauling shall be maintained in Breakdown Maintenance Form

Record of needle replacement shall be maintained in Broken Needle Log

Maintenance Department shall lubricate machine at a frequency of every three months defined in the Machine Oil Change Register.


  • Plain Machine (Normal)
  • Plain Machine (Compute0)
  • Vertical Edge Trimmer Machine
  • 2 Needle Machine (Fixed)
  • 4 Thread Overlock
  • 6 Thread Overlock
  • Flat Lock Cylinder Bed
  • Flat Lock Cylinder Bed (Small)
  • Flat Lock Cylinder Bed (Small Siruba)
  • Flat Lock Flat Bed
  • Button Stitch(Computer)
  • Button Hole M/C (Computer)
  • Bar tack Machine(Comp)
  • Shape Tack (Val Co Attach)
  • Feed off the Arm
  • Kansai P.M.D
  • Needle Detector Machine
  • Fusing Machine
  • Heat Transfer Press (Auto)
  • SNAP BUTTON (Auto)
  • Cutting Machine
  • Rip Cutter Machine
  • End Cutter
  • Re-Coning Machine
  • Vacuum Iron Table
  • Fabric Inspection
  • Thread Sucker
  • Thread Trimming Machine
  • Air Compressor
  •  Machines per Line
  • of Supervisor per Line
  • of Cutting Table
  • Length and Width of Cutting Table
  • of Cutter & Brand
  • of Iron
  • of Fusing Machine M/C with Model No.
  • of fabric Inspection M/C with Model No.
  • of Metal Detector M/C with Model No:
  • Number of Toilets
  • of Fire Fighting Extinguisher
  • Cutting
  • Sewing
  • Finishing
  • Pressing/ Iron
  • Packing
  • In Line Q.I
  • End Line
  • Finishing Q.I
  • Total Q.C Staff
  • Total S/V
  • Total L/C for Equipment Maintenance
  • Total No. of Fire Fighter
  • Fire Training Certificate Holder
  • of Smoke Detector
  • Fire Hose Pipe
  • of First Aid Box
  • Number of First Aid Person
  • First Aid Certified
  • Drinking Water Tank
  • Capacity of Drinking Water
  • Complain / Suggestion Box
  • Spittoon Box
  • of Fire Exit Route
  • Dining Hall
  • Day Care Centre
  • Clinic with Doctor’s and Paramedics
  • Notice Board
  • Production Lead Time of Normal Garments Production
  • Fabric Transit Time Including Custom Clearance for Imported Fabric.
  • Is Washing Facilities Available?
  • Percentage of Marker Share or Equipment Maintenance