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What is Industrial Engineering and Management Team(IE)

Industrial Engineering and Management

No Industrial Engineer and  department/effective production Industrial Engineering and Management department for operation breakdown, machinery layout, efficiency monitoring, cost reduction, research and development.

Factory should monitor and record daily production output, absentee rate , fabrication rate, efficiency rate, order size, man hour etc.


body parts found up/down

armhole joint & side panel up/down

Any emergency exits to be doors and not windows.


No Industrial Engineering and Management team established to monitor operation breakdown, GSD/SAH, machinery layout, efficiency monitoring, cost reduction, research and development for each section.

No procedure in place for new workers in regards to orientation, training room, instructor and proper selection.

No process to use GSD/SAH/ratio/absentee rate/fabrication/efficiency rate/machine layout/order size/styling/man-hour etc. to plan and set an incentive bonus.

Not all department heads present in pre-production meeting incl. maintenance and merchandising. No name and designation recorded on relevant documents of department heads/managers. No records of external (with customer) pre-production meetings. Pre-production meeting records found inconsistent with production record. Maintenance and washing department are not taking part in pre-production meeting.

Any subcontractors to be included in the pre-production meeting and factory representative should be in subcontract factory on a daily basis during time of production. All visits/inspections to be recorded.

Pilot runs not conducted for all orders, not recorded adequately and no pilot run review record found. Bulk accessories not used for trial.

Customer approval comments and trim cards (incl. sewing thread, main labels etc.) are not displayed together with the sample that is on the production floor. Comments not translated into local language. Displayed sample inconsistent to running production.

No review documents available with approval sample of the first pieces of the production line and missing records of relevant personnel involved in the review. Relevant samples of first off line pieces not available. Report to be kept in production file and on samples.

Lines not well balanced or line balancing could not be verified due to insufficient work on the production floor.

Needle procedure not effective as worker has a spare needle, broken and spare needle found in machine drawer and broken needle found in the box of the maintenance room. No procedure with timeframe to replace the needle on use. Broken needle control not established in sample room.

No documented procedure to check the needle points on daily basis.

Broken needle parts not aligned in the log.

Poor and not well organised housekeeping on the production floor, e.g. sewing threads, interlining are dirty, sewing parts on cartons/floors.


Industrial Engineering and Management – Sharp tools not permanently attached to workstation. Inadequate lighting in production process. Required lighting

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