Checklist for Machine Guards

List of Machine Guard

List of Machine Guard

Machine GuardDescription
GeneratorGenerator water pump
GeneratorGenerator cable
EngineEngine water pump coupling
ClutchGuard clutch
MACFlywheel guard
MAC5Flywheel & gear box coupling
MACFlywheel & crankshaft coupling
MACGear box & engine clutch coupling
MACLub oil pump coupling
MACExpansion engine clutch
Exp. EngineExpansion engine flywheel
CausticCirculation pump coupling
LOFLO filling pump
17A17A flywheel guard
8A Comp.Nitrogen compressor guard
Air Comp.Air starting compressor guard
PumpCoupling guard CWP – 1
PumpCoupling guard CWP – 2
PumpCoupling guard CWP – 3
PumpCoupling guard CWP – 4
PumpCoupling guard HWP – 1
PumpCoupling guard HWP – 2
PumpWater treatment pump – 1
Exp. EngineLubrication drive guard
LOFLO pump guard
PumpCoupling guard HWP – 3
8A Comp.Flywheel guard
Oxygen compressorPedestal fan guard
Oxygen plantPedestal fan guard
Oxy. PlantPedestal fan guard
SEAG – 1Motor belt guard
SEAG – 2Motor belt guard
MLAMotor belt guard
AGPIV gear motor belt
I/D No.MachineDescription
MG – 2005AGPIV gear sprocket chain
MG – 2006AGGen. Conv. Sprocket chain
MG – 2007Air Comp.Air compressor motor belt
MG – 2008DBMMain guard deep bumping
MG – 2009DBMSprocket chain guard
MG – 2010DBMMotor belt Machine Guard
MG – 2011Chilling UnitHot well pump guard
MG – 2012Chilling UnitCold well pump guard
MG – 2013Chilling UnitCirculating pump – 1 guard
MG – 2014Chilling UnitCirculating pump – 2 guard
MG – 2015Chilling UnitHenan cooling tower
MG – 2016C2H2 Gen.Effluent circulating pump
MG – 2017SEAG – 1Piston of comp – 1 guard
MG – 2018SEAG – 2Piston of comp – 1 guard
MG – 2019Chilling UnitCirculating pump – 1 guard
MG – 5001TA – 1Hydraulic pump belt
MG – 5002TA – 1Hydraulic pump motor belt
MG – 5003TA – 2Hydraulic pump belt
MG – 5004TA – 2Hydraulic pump motor belt
MG – 5005N2OVacuum pump motor belt
MG – 5006CDUMain guard cylinder drying unit
MG – 5007CDUMotor belt cylinder drying unit
MG- 6001WorkshopPedestal fan guard
MG- 6002Exhaust FanManagement canteen
MG- 6003Exhaust FanStaff canteen
MG- 1031Oxygen plantPedestal fan guard
MG-1032MACGearbox and engine clutch coupling Machine Guard

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