Textile Waste Management Plan
Textile Waste Management Plan

What is Textile Waste Management Plan

Textile Waste Management Plan

After huge production, huge resonsibility falls upon our shoulder to manage it. However, ATL is committed to follow the guidelines of  Environment Conservation Act, 1997 (ECR’97) and its own Enviroonment Management System (EMS) with a  view to maximize the use of resources, minimize waste generation and manage various wastes properly  in its own premises. Describe Methods of Waste Management

Development is continuous process and production of products & goods cannot be hampered drastically to minimize or stop waste generation. Waste generation cannot be ignored rather it has to be managed accordingly. As a Environment Concerned unit, is committed to engage all necessary efforts to manage wastes to keep the concerned stakeholders & environment clean and sound. We hope that we would be able to integrate our production activities and form an Environment Management System for the best waste management in the industrial neighbourhood. The main pillars of the waste management system are mentioned below–

Comparison with the best:

Evry concerned about environment, health & safety. We are doing our best to do our business in an environmentally friendly manner. There are other business concerns, which are burning examples of Best Environmental Practices (BEP). Our buyers and government authorities often show us the best ways to manage our wastes. We always compare ourselves with the best so that we can figure out our weakness and opportunity in order to develop environmentally friendly business manners and keep our environment cleaner & healthier than others.

Statement of the issue:

Various types of raw materials, chemicals, dyes are used to process raw fabric. The more materials are used, the more wastes are generated every day. We always try to figure out where and how waste can be minimized and what should be the proper disposal procedure. Accurate and complete information helps to take proper step regarding any management action let alone waste management. What is not measured cannot be managed. There are different properties and parameters to measure the concentration and pollution extent of waste. Therefore, proper record keeping of wastes and availability of necessary information are very crucial in better waste management.

Analysis of Waste Management Issue:

Nowadays almost all the organization around the world are more or less aware of environmental responsibilities. Various movements regarding different environmental issues are being carried out by different profit & non-profit organizations who work for the wellbeing of the environment- home and abroad. We always welcome recommendations coming from buyers and other organizations. We evaluate the   recommendations and implement where it is possible to apply them. We have established a waste management system to manage all our wastes. We try our level best to deal with any waste related issue. Whenever we face obstacles or issue, we ( the Environmental Management Team) sit together and discuss about the present or upcoming issue. After brainstorming & analysis of the topic, we try to figure out the possible & viable solution from the several options.

Initiatives taken by other textile enterprises

This above-mentioned planning process is followed by our Environmental Management Team to form and run a better waste management system. Waste Management is a lengthy initiative, which cannot be established so quickly. There may be other organizations, which are very cautious about environment and exercise good waste management practices. We follow them to develop or improve our own management system.

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