Industrial Metal Detector Calibration Procedure & Replacement

Textile Machine Calibration Check List

Textile Machine Calibration

Quality Control Manager shall assess calibration result every year and based on that assessment he may shorten or lengthier the interval of calibration. When findings deviate from written standards the QA designate will document findings on the  Monthly/ Quarterly  Internal Audit Form and notify the General Manager of the deviation. Short term action will be initiated and recorded on the Daily / Monthly Check List.  Long term action required, will be discussed by management and corrective actions / responsibilities and time frames will be agreed and documented. When a Monitoring and Measurement Device is found to be out of calibration, Quality Control Manager shall: ssess all products manufactured using the defective equipment within the period of last calibration date to date of detection of the defect. This assessment as well as any further actions as detailed below, shall be recorded. Verify if the out of calibration discrepancy found on the Monitoring and Measurement Device equipment is still within requirements for measuring product specification. This is acceptable if the out of calibration condition is still with in the accuracy required for measuring product. Quality Control Manager is responsible for assessing risk posed by the out-of-calibration condition. He may involve Director (Marketing & QC) at his discretion to evaluate any actions necessary including notifying to buyer for recall. If the products are still within the specification, no further action is required.


  • All monitoring and measuring devices, which affect product quality or utilized by Production and Quality Control for product acceptance, are subject to the calibration outlined in this policy.
  • Calibration is to make against nationally or internationally recognized standards. Auto Knitwear uses services of Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) and other renowned sources in the world where required
  • Calibration of Monitoring And Measurement Device shall be done at an interval defined in SOP or recording form or as recommended by calibration source. Every day, check the accuracy of the scales on production lines and ingredient weigh-up area.“Zero” the scale and then place 1 kg standard weight on the scale and record the reading.If standard weight reads more than 2 grams outside its stated weight then corrective action must be taken.
  • Written Standard Operating Procedure shall be used for all calibration of Monitoring and Measurement Device where calibration will be done internally using house method or to calibrate working device using calibrated standard.
  • If the scale reads within the limits specified in step 2, then the scale passes and is fit for use.
  • If the scale does not pass, make whatever corrective action is required (if necessary, refer to the manufacturer’s manual or in the case of the Excell 986 scales use the following calibration procedure).  Record the corrective action on the Daily Scales Calibration Check Form.

Calibration of the Excell 986 Scales:

  • Any Monitoring and Measurement Device found to be out of calibration shall be removed from use by the concerned Manger Maintenance or Quality Control Manager and shall take appropriate action to re-calibrate. While the power is OFF, press “On/Zero” key (don’t release) and press “Tare” key three times to enter offset mode.
  • Monitoring and measurement standards shall be labeled to indicate calibration status. Press “On / Zero” key to enter the Calibration Mode.
  • Put the full capacity mass on the scale (2 kg) and press “On / Zero” key to show  “CAL 1”, then the display will show “the capacity”, (i.e. if the scale is 2Kg, it will show “2000g”).  At this time, the calibration is finished.  Then, remove the mass from the scale
  • The calibrated Monitoring and Measurement Devices and measurement standard shall be identified by “CALIBRATED” label. The label shall identify the date calibrated (month, day, year), specific calibration due date and the initial of the person calibrated the equipment.
  • Calibration of ACS Weighing Scales:
  • While the power is on, keep pressing (CAL) for about 4 seconds.  Calibrate after the weight window displays “CAL”.
  • Press (SET), the weight window displays the weight calibrated last time.
  • Press (á) and (ENTER) to input the weight you want to load.  Then load the corresponding weight.  Press (ENTER) to make sure the calibration finished.
  • Out of Calibration Monitoring and Measurement Device or having limitations of their use shall be labeled “DO NOT USE”.   The high limit and low limit set in the weighing model are saved in the scale.  Different unit s corresponding to different alarm range and methods.  The value inputted by pressing (á) cannot be more than the full scale.
SectionMeasuring Instrument NameRange
CanteenRoyal Electronic Scale150 Kg
InspectionWeighting ScaleCapacity: 6 Kg
LaboratoryWashing Machine6kg
Drying Machine6kg
Rota Wash Machine
Sublimation Tester
Crock Meter
Weighing Balance200 gm
Scale6 “
Weight Machine25 kg
Screen PrintScale24″
Light Box
Light box
WovenWeight machine
Light box
PFLWeight machine
MaintenanceMetal Detector 
Digital Sound Level Meterspl: 30 ~ 130 dba
Digital Lux/light Meter1 100000Lux
OffsetConductivity meter250 us – 1600 us
PHep tester2.5 – 8.5 ph
General storeWeight machine20g – 30 kg
Weight machine0.05g – 300 kg

SAFGUARD Button pull tester – Test Result:

Sl No.Standard Reading

for 10 seconds.

Actual ReadingMean ValueVariationToleranceResult
1.6.82 Kg / 15 lbs6.81 Kg6.814 Kg-0.006±0.08%OK
2.6.82 Kg / 15 lbs6.81 Kg
3.6.82 Kg / 15 lbs6.81 Kg
4.6.82 Kg / 15 lbs6.82 Kg
5.6.82 Kg / 15 lbs6.82 Kg


All monitoring and measuring devices are re-validate any product determined to have been inspected or processed by out of calibration equipment. System is maintained to identify, assess, and re-validate any product determined to have been inspected or processed by out of calibration equipment. All calibration, measurement and tests are carried out under suitable environmental conditions and all equipment is maintained and handled to ensure its accuracy and fitness for use. Calibration and/or adjustment of all measuring, control, and test equipment are to be performed by authorized personnel only.

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