What is Effluent Treatment Plant

ETP is stand for Effluent Treatment Plant. It is used in sewerage and wastewater system. ETPS is very important for Garments and Textile Industry. ETP purify waste water comes from different industry like textile, garments, ternary, pharmaceuticals etc. The industrial effluent treatment plants involve different stages of treatment including physio chemical treatment and biological treatment flowed by tertiary treatment. ETP reduce the cost of environmental control, the principal activities undertaken by Ministry of Environment and Forest consist of protection of environment, in the framework of egislations directed by the United Nations Environment program (UNEP)

Equipment’s List

Flow Chart of ETPS: 

The flowchart of etps are given below-

Textile/Chemical/Ternary Industry etc

Bar Screen

Collection Tank

Process House

Equalization Tank


Chemical coagulation

Biological Oxidation Tank

Flash Mixer with Polymer

Settling and Separation of Sludge with pressure


Treated water to discharge

List of Equipment for Common Effluent Treatment Plant :

  • Bar screen
  • Collection Tank cistern
  • Equalization Tank
  • Flash Mixer with Polymer
  • Biological Oxidation Tank

Bar Screen :

Bar screen are very well matched for removing suspended and floating coarse from wastewater such as weed, reed and rags. Bar screen is first step of etps – effluent water treatment process.

bar screens
Bar Screen

Feature of Bar Screens:

  1. Heavy accumulation of screening managed easily water pollution,
  2. No moving parts permanently under sewerage
  3. It is the process of cistern,
  4. Confident engineering use bar screens
  5. All unit easily accessible for lubrication of bar screens.

Collection Tank:

It is primary tank where wastewater stored from different section like dyeing, washing, knitting, finishing etc. Wastewater treatment plant is same meaning of effluent water treatment process.

collecton tank of effluent treatment plant in textile industry
Collecton tank

Equalization Tank for Effluent Treatment Plant in Textile Industry : 

After primary mixing, the liquor passes to equalization tank by mixing of effluent from various process takes place

etps Equalization tank
Equalization tank

Polymer Mixing Systems :

In flash mixer alum works upon sludge so that postponed solids settle down in etps. A polymeric material having a large number ion exchange sites. Generally polymer mixer is general system which is used in ETPs as flocculants and on some occasions as coagulants. Polymer mixing systems can be classified in 3 types e.g. cationic, anionic and nonionic polymer mixer.

Biological Oxidation Tank:

biological oxidiation

Echo system installed here. It is the last process of biological oxidation. ETP system use biological oxidation system, physical and chemical treatment process. Industrial water treatment and water recovery  is the process for good environment.


 Acid dosing pump of PP construction2 nos (1W + 1S)SURYA
 Fine Bubble Vertical Diffusers.600 nosIFU, GERMANY
 FBBR Random Bio-Media30m3CONFIDENT
 Effluent Feed Pumps (With motor and accessories)2 nos. (1W + 1S)JOHNSON / KIRLOSKAR
 Secondary Clarifier Mechanism and FRP Well.1 setCONFIDENT
 Sludge Re-Circulation Pump.2 (1W +1S)JOHNSON / KIRLOSKAR
 Motorised Rotary Bar Screen2 Nos.CONFIDENT
 Motors for Blowers5 nosELGI / KIRLOSKAR
 Electro coagulation skid3 nos (2W + 1S)CONFIDENT
 Polymer dosing pump of PP construction2 nos (1W + 1S)SURYA
 Flash mixer1 setBONFIGLIOLI
 Effluent Feed Pumps4 nos (2W +2S)JOHNSON / KIRLOSKAR
 HRSC Clarifier Mechanism and FRP well.1 setCONFIDENT
 Screw pump2 nos.HYDRO PROKAV
 Filter press1 no.HYDRO PRESS
 PH indicator & controller1 no.COUNTRONICS
 Level controller4 nosMINILEC
 Temperature indicator2 nosSELECTRON
 On-Line DO meter1 noINSTRONIX
 Inverter for Effluent Pumps2 nosYASKAWA
 Inverter for Aeration tank Blowers2 nosYASKAWA
 Lab Accessories1 setREPUTED
 Digital TDS meter1 noREPUTED
 Digital Portable pH Meter1 noREPUTED
 Digital Portable DO Meter1 noREPUTED
27.ETP panel with PLC and D.C. pulse Power controller from CROSBY Controls, UK., Inverters and control Accessories. 3 setsCONFIDENT



Screw press dewatering is better than general effluent treatment plan.

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