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What is Sludge Recycle of ETP

Sludge Recycle

Sludge Recycle – We have been trying through our Environmental Team since 2011 to minimize all types of waste generation & manage our waster as per law. Recently, we have an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Lafarge Cement Factory regarding our sludge wastes. They have been through experiments if industrial ETP sludge could be used in cement manufacturing. Experiments showed light and they have successfully used the sludge in making cement. Now, we agree to come to a point of industrial symbiosis with sludge. We hope this negotiation will be fruitful very soon.

Development is a never-ending continuous process. We must keep pace with this process to bring about better changes. We are thinking and evaluating the chance of reduction, reuse & recycle of every waste material we generate. Salt recovery from used water is under active consideration. We would like to follow national rules & regulations and apply any contemporary changes to save water. We have a better Environmental Team, which is working relentlessly in this regard.

We took initiative if our ETP sludge could be used in making bricks. We ran this experiment with the help of a brick company. The brick company successfully made brick using the sludge. We sent this brick to BUET for compatibility test. Hopefully, the brick passed all the tests and it was no less than the ordinary bricks. Now, we need more accomplishment from brick factories & proper authorities like DOE so that an official approach is made to use such available waste, which may save resources, money & valuable time. Brick factories need huge amount of soil every day to make bricks. Use of sludge for brick making purpose from hundreds of factories may lessen impact on our natural soil & land.

Auto Textile has got state of the art facilities in terms of water management and disposal of sludge. The amount of water we use has got a control through the use of flow meter and the liquor ratio is also imposed by another set of water flow meter in the dyeing machines. As a part of our commitment to the environment and our next generation we use the highest quality of dyes and chemicals in our dyeing and printing factory. The dyeing section even uses software which is connected to the chemical store where the chemicals and dyes are disposed automatically through the use of automatic dispensing machine and auto sensor respective by. In case of the water, the company brings back the dyeing laboratory’s waste water; printing factory’s washing water and washing unit’s water to the ETP.

In ETP which AUTO TEXTILE  runs 24 hours use state of the art laboratory material for the measurement of the Do, TDS and to keep them safe for the environment. ETP is maintained by a well-trained group of personnel in 3 shifts and chemical has been dozed as per the requirement of the coloration of water. Every shift these person take the measurement and keep those data in the register. If there is any problem in the measurement a standby resource, dyeing lab is nearby to solve it as it is also open for 24 hours.

As a last ETP Audit Report , AUTO TEXTILE  also has a contact of a numerous experts to help online via mail or cell. Moreover the owner of this facility himself is a textile Engineer and a re-known person for his contribution to the Mother Nature in terms of recycling, innovation and conservation.

For the sludge disposal AUTO TEXTILE  has a contract with four star bricks to use them to make bricks which is burnt more than 15000C. By doing this, we are saving our mother nature and for the next generation. Finally AUTO TEXTILE  has decided to move along with the latest technology by contracting a company for the total automatic of the ETP. They are working on it and will be coming with a final quotation very soon. We hope that in near future we will use less energy to run ETP with zero discharge in the environment.

Sludge Recycle of Polythene & Cartons

We procure yarn, dyes, chemicals & other textiles auxiliaries from home and abroad, which are frequently procured & used. Materials, which we buy, are well covered with polythene & cartons. These polythene & cartons are left over after use & the daily-generated amount is not small. We recycle this polythene waste to reproduce polythene again. We also partially use the cartons to make cartons. It saves our money and the wastes are well disposed of.

Reuse of waste yarn

Yarn is the primary / direct raw materials of knitting fabric. Huge amount of yarn is used every day. Some yarn is always left over with the cones, which is not need after the completion of production. The amount is not small. We collect & accumulate these cones and sort them out to reuse.


Sludge Recycle – We use this scrap yarn to make fabric sack, which is always used within our factory premises to move raw fabric roll from one section to another.  This Reuse initiative helps us to get rid of our waste-yarn and saves our money.

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