Wastewater Disposal

Purpose & Scope: 

Wastewater Disposal – Waste Management No one can establish, provide or operate a waste disposal site without a permit issued by the Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry.This procedure details the system to be followed in order to ensure that all wastewater discharged by the Auto Garments Industry Limited are minimized and managed in an environmentally safe and correct manner in accordance with statutory and company requirements.The site discharges process water to the under ground tank and some of it over flows to drain.  Sludge Recycle of ETP

Wastewater Disposal Responsibilities:

No one may dispose of waste or discard it in any other way except at a licensed waste disposal site or at a facility or by a method subject to conditions as the Minister may prescribe.
Section 24: Regulations for waste managementIt is the responsibility of the EMR to ensure compliance with this procedure. The EMR has overview management responsibilities for monitoring, controlling and minimizing waster water discharges. It is the responsibility of the EMR to ensure that all personnel in their areas of responsibility are aware of wastewater discharge management provisions and are familiar with this procedure and regulations.

Identification and Characterization:

Provides for the Minister or competent authority at the provincial level to make regulations regarding waste management (see below).

  • All wastewater discharges must be identified and characterized. This includes storm water discharges also.
  • A drainage plan must be established and maintained which shows.
  • The rout of all industrial sewers and storm water sewers
  • Referenced discharge points/surface drains to sewers
  • Designated sampling points.
  • The destination of the industrial and storm water sewers must also be identified and referenced on the plan.
  • An inventory of all wastewater discharges must be maintained, which cross-references the drainage plan and describes:
  • Sources of wastewater
  • Composition of wastewater, including physical parameters such as temperature, PH etc.
  • Discharge point reference.
  • Designation. I.e. Trade effluent versus storm water run-off

Quantification and Monitoring of Discharges

In addition, a set of minimum requirements for the management of waste and waste disposal sites (see below).

  • Trade effluent shall be monitored on a monthly basis and will comprise grab sampling from the designated sampling point, adjacent to off-site discharge. Monitoring parameters will concur with those contained within the Anglican Water Trade Effluent. Discharge consent. The Production Manager may specify further parameters as appropriate. All exceeding must be recorded and corrective action taken as necessary.
  • Storm water discharges shell is monitored on a bi-annual basis for.
  • Total petroleum hydrocarbons
  • Volatile organic
  • PH in Wastewater Disposal
  • Suspended solids
  • The designated sampling point will be used to measure storm water quality.

Managing & Minimizing Discharges

Regulations have been drawn up under the Section 24 regarding refuse removal in the form Auto Group area (see below)

  • Auto Group have a dual obligation in terms of this section.
    Auto Group may only dispose of waste at a licensed waste disposal site.
  • All discharges from the site will be managed so as to minimize quantities and/or environmental impact.
  • Ways of reducing discharges in both volume and contaminant loading must be identified by:
  • Identifying alternative processes or substances
  • Identifying pollution control equipment
  • Implementing work procedures to control and minimize contaminant loading
  • The EMR will consult with the Production Manager on any proposals to implement discharge control measures.
  • No chemicals are to be disposed of down surface water or sewer drains in exceeding of permit limits.
  • No hazardous materials are to be stored close to storm water drains.


Auto Group are required to provide waste disposal facilities for residents of the municipality. All waste disposal sites run by the Auto Group must be licensed by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry.The EMR will conduct monthly inspection of the facility to cheek operation practices conform to controlling Wastewater Disposal, these must be recorded in a logbook and any observations documented, together with corrective action. Corrective action which is not immediate (e.g. installation of equipment) must be fully described to include costs responsibilities and dates for completion. Confirmation of completed action must be documented and kept with the logbook. DWAF) any waste disposal facility operated by Auto Group has to comply with the Minimum Requirements