ETP Water Management System

ETP Water Management -No development is possible without the application of water. As a result, the demand & scarcity of water is increasing everywhere. Huge amount of water is required in fabric processing. Auto Textiles Ltd. (ATTL) is committed to follow the guidelines of Environment Conservation Act, 1997 (E.C.R’97) and its Environmental Management System (EMS) with a view to maximize the proper use of water and minimize the misuse & pollution of water thereby. aaaa

Development is a continuous process & water consumption cannot be decreased drastically. We are taking ventures regarding all wet processing sectors and trying to bring a change in proper water consumption. We use our merits; do process reengineering & technology assessment and spread awareness among stakeholders to bring the water usage at an optimum level. We are putting our continuous efforts to stop water misuse & pollution and to minimize water consumption. We want to make all our fabric processing functions   maximum water efficient. The main pillars of our water management plan are mentioned below-

We will encourage recycling of waste materials and discourage the use of environmentally unfriendly products. In implementing the policy, we will:

  • Ensure compliance with relevant Environmental Legislation and Regulations.
  • Incorporate environmental considerations into our practices with regard to the use of natural resources, energy consumption and waste disposal.
  • Seek to ensure environmental awareness and responsibility on the part of our staff, our suppliers and partners in the implementation of projects, in facilities, management and operations.
  • Remain committed to prevent pollution.

We will continuously monitor and improve our environmental performances.

ETP Water Management  is very conscious about resource use and management. Water is a very important & essential natural resource. Application of huge amount of water is undeniable in fabric processing trade like textile & washing. Considering the importance & scarcity of water and to comply with national Environmental Conservation Rules 1997 (E.C.R’97), Auto Textiles Ltd. has formed Water Management System for proper water use and management. Following issues are maintained & monitored through our water management system-

  • All legal laws and regulations (E.C.R’97) regarding water usage should be followed.
  • Proper water use should be encouraged, maintained & documented.
  • Misuse or excessive use of water should be brought under control.
  • Fabric processing design should be modified and smart technology should be engaged in order to decrease water consumption.
  • Wastewater should be treated by ETP (Effluent Treatment plant).
  • Reduce, Reuse & Recycle practices have to be implemented (where possible) and should be brought under considerations for future provisions.

The demand and scarcity of water is increasing day by day. Implementing our water management system, we may be able to become smarter about water usage, consumption and to follow concerned rules & regulations cogently.

Statement of the problem

There are various aspects/scope of water consumption in fabric processing. We always try to figure out where and how much water consumption can be minimized. Primarily water saving chances is evaluated and initiatives are considered whether to implement or not.

Water consumption records

Without complete and accurate data & information,  no management step or action can be implemented. We always collect all data available regarding water use and resource utilization.

Inlet- outlet flow  meter

Without measuring, nothing can be managed. For that reason, water flow / consumption record is kept through our outlet-inlet measuring devices.

Initiatives taken by other textile enterprises

Every textile enterprise tries to find out ways or takes initiatives, which may help to save natural resources like water and other. We always look forward if any better initiative is found available or in practice.

Data Collection

If any better initiative is ever found in practice, we engage our merits and research / environmental management team to collect data so that we may follow that good initiative or do something better.

We are not the best in the class. There are other concerns, which are also doing better than we are. We must always compare ourselves with the best of the bests so that we can set our targets towards improvement & development.


ETP Water Management -Going through all the above-mentioned processes, recommendations are screened out and worthy actions and plans are implemented.