Motor Vehicle Inspection

To control driver competency and performance and monitor vehicle condition in order to minimize losses and accidents.


  • Driver Competency form to be completed for each and every driver of the site and authorized by respective Managers. A specimen attached.
  • The Safety Manager or his authorized agent will check company cars, pickups, trucks and tankers every six months and issue permit to ply certificates.
  • Drivers shall maintain log books as provided by the Company.
  • Drivers shall make weekly checks of the vehicle and record in the check sheet provided. A specimen attached.
  • Immediate supervisor in charge of the vehicle shall monitor the drivers check sheet.
  • Seat belts shall be worn at all times whenever the vehicle is in motion other than when boarding, on and getting down from a ferry.
  • Drivers will check regularly oils, tyre pressures etc. in accordance with the vehicle manual.
  • Any accident or incident will be reported within 24 hours to the immediate manager who will report to the secretary accident review committee within 4 days. Form for reporting is attached.

Motor Vehicle Check Item

  • Is fan belt in good condition?
  • Is radiator water at required level?
  • Are there any water leaks?
  • Are there any fuel leaks?
  • Is oil at required level?
  • I clutch & brake fluid at required level?
  • Are wipers in good condition?
  • Do headlights work?
  • Do indicators work?
  • Do parking lights work?
  • Do stop lights work?
  • Does booster work?
  • Does hand brake works?
  • Are tyres in good condition?
  • Are tyre pressures alright?
  • Is spare wheel in good condition & Pressure?
  • Do reversing light work?
  • Does brake work?

Vehicle Accident Report

Two copies of this form to be prepared where applicable First copy to be filled in the person responsible for the transport & will handover the form to the Secretary of the Accident Review Committee for Review and onward dispatch to the Manager , Second copy if applicable to filled in & sent to the concerned