CNC Drilling Machine Safety:

  • This CNC Drilling Machine procedure defines requirements for the safe operation of machine and hand tools used in all SMI Project.
  • The work piece must be securely clamped or bolted to the drill table during drilling to avoid accidents if the drill jams, this would otherwise cause the work piece to suddenly rotate. iii
  • Don’t apply excessive pressure on the drill. Re- grind or replace blunt drill bits.
  • Only the correct chuck key must be used and this must not be left in the chuck. The adjustable guard must be designed and fitted so as to render the chuck and length of drill not entering into the work piece inaccessible to the operator when the drill is running.
  • Use a stiff brush to remove swarf (drill cuttings). Not your hands! Store all waste correctly for later disposal.
  • The wearing of safety shoes is mandatory.
  • Always wear approved eye protection while machining to protect the eyes against flying pieces of steel chips, abrasive grains or even broken pieces of cutting tools.
  • Passage ways and floor area around the work place shall be kept free of oil and grease. Raw materials and large work pieces are to be stacked in an area away from CNC Testing Machine.
  • Obtain assistance when mounting a heavy machine part or heavy work piece, or use a proper lifting device.
  • The Supervisors are responsible for safe operation of all machine and hand tools used by his crews. All crews have adequate training and experience to work with the hand and CNC Drilling Machine tools. The Project Manager is responsible for ensuring that the requirements of this procedure are adhered strictly to during execution of the project.
  • Gloves should only be worn when handling sheet metal, heat resistant steel foil and sharp edged pieces of raw materials.

Terms and Condition

a.  All standard and special attachment and accessories for 5 axis machining operation must be mentioned and supplied along with the machine and also capable to manufacture parts as per three attach sample/drawings and mention related tools to

Complete the job (at the time of PSI & Training) and supplied along with the machine.
b. All additional accessories, attachments supplied along with the machine and mentioned with price in the financial offer.
c. List of spare parts with price required for ten (10) years operation to be submitted in the financial offer. Price of sensor of each type quantity one to be mentioned in the spare parts
d. All optional items with price must be mentioned in the financial
Offer which will be certified by the manufacturer of the machine not by local agent.
e. Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI): PSI of the machine will be
Carried out by 02 BOF persons for 04 working days (excluding journey period). All cost of the PSI to be borne by BOF.
f. Foreign Training: Machine operation with maintenance training for 03 BOF persons for 05 working days (excluding journey period) to be provided at machine manufacturer site. Air ticket & Pocket money will be borne by BOF. Others costs like Tuition fee for training, food, accommodation, all internal
Travel & medical (if needed) costs to be provided by supplier.
g. Local Training: Duration of training should be at least 16 working days. Following information must be given as under cnc drilling machine :

h.  Machine installation, trial run and operational with maintenance, training is to be provided by the certified engineers' of machine manufacturer at BOF site within 30 days after receiving Machine by BOF. Otherwise penalty will be

Imposed at the rate of 2% (Two) but not less than 1% (One) and will not exceed 10% (Ten) of the total LC value.
j. 2 × operation/programming manual in English (Hard & Soft copy) must be supplied with the machine. 1 Set of all
Documents must be loaded in CNC system for easy maintenance.
k. 2 × maintenance/repair manual (Hard & Soft copy) with mechanical spare parts list along with circuit diagram and troubleshooting with remedy in English must be supplied with the machine. 1 Set of all documents must be loaded in CNC system for easy maintenance.
l. All necessary software to handle & maintain the machine must be supplied along with the machine. Original Technical parameters of Servo motors and drives, sensors to be
m. The machine must be capable of making tools by using software with the help of PC.
n. Warranty for 01(one) year after acceptance should be provided by the manufacturer.
o. Bidder should submit original Leaflet/Brochure with the offer.
p. The service support with spares for minimum 05 years to be provided by the manufacturer.
q. Any other points related to do the required job should be mentioned in the offer.