Conveyance Allowance Rules

In order to restructure the procedure for payment of Conveyance Allowance Rules to the employees and staff of Auto Forum Ltd. Control that land transport subcontractor operations meet the required standards . We sale Online Vehicle Management System Software Pick and drop, trip to purchases, visit of several units, meeting with buyers, sample carrying or performing any other official work in the interest of AUTO  Group, a rule is hereby formulated as follows:


Any or all of the following consequences; Injury or fatality, damage to the environment, material or loss of image. Company will provide a negotiable flat transport allowance for “Group A” (Not for all and as well as Management has right to reserve this provision) only to pick & drop from residence and other duties in office hour to discharge their official duties smoothly. This allowance will fix up before his/her joining at company. This amount may cover from Tk. 15,000.00 to 20,000.00 based on location, distance of his/her residence and also priority, necessitate, demand, seniority and considering other bench mark 

Any vehicle owned or rented by the contractor and used for the construction of the project. The vehicle shall be used for transporting project personnel and materials. Above mentioned limit may be relaxed in some special cases considering the involvement of the development work of the company.


Any organization or entity that is performing works relating to the SMI project contracted. Pool vehicles facilities will provide only to “Group B” category for to and from near his/her residence. Those who will not avail negotiable Conveyance Allowance Rules facilities of “group A” may enjoy pool vehicle facility.

Any person employed by, or under contract to  the project driving a vehicle for the project construction. “Group C” category will not be entitled for pool vehicle facilities for to and from near his/her residence. This category may avail this facility if the accommodation is available in any route.

Movement order (in the prescribe form) to Journey to be taken from Admin & HR Dept. and dully signed by the Department Head and General Manager (Admin & HR).

After completion of journey, Conveyance Allowance Rules with supporting papers to be submitted in the Accounts department within 03 (three) days for checking by Admin Dept. with the recommendation of Department Head and General Manager (Admin & HR).

The above rules may be amendable when the Management so desires


SMI is totally committed to the safe operation of road transportation, providing clear operating procedures and standards, which must be met by Contractor and its subcontractor operating transportation within the scope of the project constructions.

Project Manager;

Will demonstrate a committed to conduct land transport operations in a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible manner, Such commitment will be achieved by ensuring that adequate facilities, for vehicle selection and maintenance, and drivers training are established in early phase of the project.

HSE Manager:

Will ensure the implementation and control of a land transport management procedure that provides vehicles, facilities, personnel and equipment that conform to the project HSE Management System principles and standards.

Section Manager

  • Allocate the necessary resources to land transport operations
  • Promote land transport safety issues in meetings, including manager’s meeting
  • Communicate clearly that land transport safety standards are an important project requirement


Provide appropriate training and assessment for all parties involved in land transport operations

Encourage safety promotions and employees suggestions to improve safety performance and practice.

(Set plans and objectives, and monitor vehicle safety performance of all employees


The project, as an integral part of the HSE Management System, shall instigate a Land Transportation Management Procedure that will define the Driving Rules which in turn will ensure that the following items are managed and clearly documented:

  • Conveyance Allowance Rules management (selection criteria, replacement policy, safety equipment requires, etc…)
  • Driver and personnel management (selection, training etc…)
  • Responsibilities and duties of subcontractor
  • Compliance with Local laws and traffic regulations
  • The implementation of active journey management and risk assessment where appropriate

The main objectives of LTMP (Land Transportation Management Procedure) shall be to improve driving performances and to ensure vehicles are fit for purpose and roadworthy, in order to achieve such an objective the following shall be implemented;

Objectives to improve driving performance are set at regular intervals, as a minimum, at least annually

Communication of the requirements and conditions of this LTMP, by arranging translations, as appropriate, issue and display making it available to all persons, and integrating into contractual documents

Ensure that the project driving standard and the condition of the vehicles are not detrimental to the DEC corporate image

Specific audits shall be performed by the HSE Manager at regular basis

Local initiatives to improve driving standards are developed as part of the annual HSE Plan for the project

Safety driving performance is integrated into the individual end of year appraisal for Conveyance Allowance Rules