Sketch, Fabrics, Accessories & Packing Materials Policy

Sketch, Fabrics, Accessories


To ensure identification, verification, protection and safeguard of customer property provided for use or incorporation into product.  As an additional support for good auditor conduct during an audit, auditors/audit companies are making available their own code of conduct for auditors, which describes the need for impartiality on behalf of the auditor. You are requested to sign this to confirm you have received and understood the content.


Where non-compliances are found we hope to agree both the corrective actions and the timescales at the end of the audit (see document 5J – ‘Non-Compliance Process and Auto ’), and you can familiarise yourself  .This procedure applies to control of sketch, measurement, fabrics, accessories and packing materials supplied by the customer to Auto Garment Ltd. for use in making sleeping bags and  incorporation into products.


If you are commissioning this audit at the request of a Auto  member we ask that you register on Auto  as a B member and give our administrator access to upload the audit. Our administrator can then access your details from your completed Supplier Audit Questionnaire (SAQ.)This will allow our administrator to use your SAQ details to complete your Supplier details (see supplier Guidance Pack Stage 3 [Link]). This should be done before the audit.

  • MCD Officer shall ensure proper storage of all customer supplied fabrics, accessories and packaging materials
  • Manager, Quality Control is responsible for verifying quality parameters.
  • Merchandiser, Production Manager are responsible for control of customer approved sample, sketch and measurement.
  • General Manager is responsible for notifying customer any lost, damaged or unsuitable for use.



  • To control of sketch, measurement, fabrics, accessories and packing materials
  • supplied by the customer for use in making sleeping bags and incorporation into products.
  • Report customer any lost, damaged or otherwise unsuitable for use of customer supplied products.


  • Customer supplied products shall be stored and identified by buyer name, yle /order number, color, and item name (as applicable).
  • Customer Provided Sample and Specification:
  • Customer approved sample will be identified and controlled by Style
  • Order No., Approval Date, Size and Buyer Name.


Customer supplied products (fabrics, accessories, etc.) will be verified as per Quality System Procedure for Monitoring and Measurement of Product

Customer measurement and sketch will be reviewed and checked as per  Quality System Procedure for Customer Related Process (07-01)


Notification and Action on Lost, Damaged, Unsuitable for use for Customer


  • Managing Director shall notify customer or customer representative  any loss, damage or otherwise unsuitable for use of customer property immediately after receiving report via e-mail.
  • A competent person will be assigned by the Managing Director to  investigate the cause of the problem. This shall be recorded in Non- conforming Material/Product Report
  • Managing Director will give decision of the non-conformity upon  consultation with buyer or buyer representative.
  • If necessary corrective action project will be taken as per Quality System Procedure for Corrective Action
  • At the end of the audit we can upload both the CAP and the report onto Auto  so that your clients (ones you have linked to on Auto ,) can review the report automatically.

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