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What is Calibration of Weighing Machine

Calibration of Weighing Machine

Calibration of Weighing Machine Weighing machines shall be calibrated once a year from BSTI (Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institute) and certification shall be obtained. The interval for calibration may be shortened or lengthened as per recommendation of the BSTI. Manager Maintenance is responsible for calibration of inspection, measuring, and test equipment. Quality …

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What is Fusing Machine? Its Working Process

Fusing Machine For Garments

Fusing Machine Weekly production planning status report of Fusing Machine Fabric inspection report Factory has no calibration records for fusing machine and no process to check on temperature. No fusing, pressing, button stitch/buttonhole, snap button attach machine, bartack and body form available in the sample room. Hard pattern, knitting chart, …

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Thread Sucking Machine and Finishing Issue

Thread Sucking Machine Samples of packaged/folded garments & trim cards are not displayed in the packing area. Must also be displayed in the finishing area. Reference sample displayed not similar to running order. Displayed standard without signature. No random check during finishing, no 100% check after finishing. Presentation needs to …

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