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How Fabric Flame Retardancy Tester Works?

How Fabric Flame Retardancy Tester Works

Flame Retardant Finishing Fabric Flame Retardancy is testing equipment which is sale by Testing Equipment Systems Limited. Flame resistant fabrics have different degrees of ability to stop flame spread. After leaving the flame source, burning of the fabrics can be quickly stopped. Most of the textiles are flammable. The fire caused …

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What is ERM Cleaner and Rieter in Textile Factory?

What is ERM Cleaner and Rieter in Textile Factory

ERM Cleaner It is a fine cleaning machine and it employs with cleaning roller which acts similar to carding roller. It opening, cleaning and removing micro dust and waste. MACHINE SPECIFICATION:- No. of machine     = 5 Make                     = RIETER Model                   = B 5/5 DRAW FRAME Objective:- There are mainly two …

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The Finishing Instruments are Used in Garment Factory

Finishing Instruments

FINISHING IN SEWING DEPARTMENT The Finishing is the last stage of garment production where garment gets its final look. In this department each garment undergoes different finishing processes. It undergoes for quality checks which sets the garment free from defects. Buyer specifications and instructions are strictly maintained. Following are the …

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