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What is Rope Dyeing Machine. How it Works?

What is Rope Dyeing Machine. How it Works?

Rope Dyeing Machine Rope Dyeing Machine forms an essential process in the denim plant. It works on the principle of the form of rope (from the ball warping m/c). In MIL, generally 32ropes are simultaneously fed to the rope dyeing machine through various guides and tensioning arrangement at the creel zone to introduce firstly into the scouring box. The level of this bath is controlled by a leveller which on lowering up to a certain level (manually present) along with […]

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Poly Cotton Fabric Dyeing Machine Process

Poly Cotton Fabric

1.1              Poly Cotton Fabric The yarn produced by mixing Polyester fibre and Cotton fibre with each other during yarn preparation process is known as polyester-cotton blended yarn. Generally, two types of polyester-cotton blended yarn are produced. These are : 65% Polyester + 35% Cotton = PC or TC 40% Polyester + 60% Cotton = CVC (Cheap Value Cotton) 1.2              Pre-treatment Process for Blended Fabric Pre-treatment process for Polyester-Cotton blended fabric is similar to the 100% Cotton pre-treatment process. Refer to […]

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How Pad Steam Dyeing Machine Works Practically

Pad Steam Dyeing Machine

Pad Steam Dyeing Machine Pad Steam Dyeing Machine is used in textile industry. Thermosol run fabric must pass through pad steam for the development of color when CPS process is carried out. Here chemical padding is done through which color is fixed on the fabric. CPB run fabric does not require pad stem process. Here based on requirement additional dye can also be added.In ATL There are two thermosol machine (Monfort Montex, Thermex) in Dyeing floor. There also 1 CPB […]

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What Is Thermosol Dyeing Machine?

Thermosol Dyeing Machine

Thermosol Dyeing Machine Thermosol dyeing machine helps to improve production capacity. It does not required rotation after padding. It must feed on pad steam for fixation just after dyeing which gives finished product. It is a dyeing machine but it can not produce the color as finally required or permanent. But in PDC process it can provide finished product. By this machine only color is migrated from liquor to fabric. Then it is dried on pre dryer & followed by hot […]

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