Sample Deing Machine

The sample dyeing machine are always clean inside with wet fabric to remove dyes spillage and dry immediately, keeping it shiny. Housekeeping and cleaning of the area is maintained to have smooth flow of work and to be safe. Sample beakers are always wash after dyeing to remove dyes stains. aaa sss

Response To Equipment Faults

In case of any machine and equipment faults the Maintenance department is immediately notified with corresponding reports to take prompt corrective action

Product Quality Check

New dyes and chemicals are tested for quality by physical appearance and application evaluation such as:

  • Dye self shade comparison with other brands
  • Dye behaviour with other  dye combination and chemicals
  • pH
  • Saturation point
  • Solubility
  • Color
  • Odour
  • Appearance

Checklist Before Lab Dyeing

  • Availability of Fabrics to be Used
  • To proceed for lab. dyeing immediately standard fabrics which are always requested by buyers were already prepared and stocked them . It was pre-treated accordingly, including them in dyeing pre-treatment to have same effect in lab. Pre-treatment are as follows:
  • Scouring :
  • boiling off process with detergent and alkali (soda ash/caustic). Usually done for shades to be dyed like dull red, maroon, navy and black.
  • Semi-bleaching :
  • pre-treatment with hydrogen peroxide and other chemicals like caustic/soda ash, detergent, sequesterant and peroxide stabilizer. This is applicable for bright shades, pale/light shades and sensitive shades.
  • Availability of dyes and chemicals, and water
  • Ensure all dyes, chemicals and water are available with required quantity.


Ensure Sample Deing Machine is in proper condition and all required accessories are available with required quantity.