Fabric Jet Dyeing Machines List

Fabric Jet Dyeing Machines List . Case Study on RMG Technology

Fabric Jet Dyeing Machines List

Fabric Jet Dyeing Machines

Item no. Dyeing M/C capacity width
1 jet dyeing machine 250 KG. 1200-3200 mm.
2 jet dyeing machine 300KG 1200-3200 mm
3 jet dyeing machine 500KG 1200-3200 mm
4 jet dyeing machine 700KG 1200-3200 mm
5 jet dyeing machine 1000KG 1200-3200 mm
6 Continuous Pad Dyeing . 1200-3200 mm
Material coton , polyester , linen , velvet
FabricType woven
GSM range 50-300
M/c style 0-type for jets
M/C capacity width
Fabric opener 300 KG. 1200-3200 mm.
Fabric dryer 500KG 1200-3200 mm
Fabric laminating machine . .
Fabric infra-red dryer . .
Fabric hydroextractor 500 Kg .
Fabric rewinding machine . .

Fabric carts for handling  coton , polyester, linen, velvet

Case Study

Sunday, April came. Our director sir saw the portrait & window display. He liked it & appreciated us. And finally, Victor came; we all welcomed him by giving & throwing flowers. When he was going upstairs, He showed him the portrait. He liked that so much that he started taking photos. After visiting all the floors we had a meeting and the chief guest was victor Rawlinson. After the meeting we were doing our daily grinds. Suddenly sir called our team coordinator& us. We met victor again. He appreciated us for our extra ordinary works. This influenced us to go for the next step & show our creativity.

Victor left. sir came to us & appreciated us again & shook hands.

What we visualized & designed, everything took its own shape & it was amazing to watch that & have that feeling.

For most drying processes of fabrics, it is not desirable that all water evaporates. For textiles, the optimum moisture level is their natural moisture level (e.g. 7% for cotton). Drying beyond the natural moisture level takes extra time and energy and besides, it tends to reduce the quality of the fabric.
In practice, evidence shows that 22% to 80% of the heat consumption in tenters and dryers is due to the heating of fresh air. Substantial energy savings can be achieved by reducing the quantity of drying air, e.g., by adjusting the flaps in the air outlets or controlling the frequency of the exhaust ventilator. The optimum quantity of drying air is determined and/or controlled according to the moisture level of the air and/or the pressure level in the machine.
An important point is that, in case the air supply to the burner is reduced, there is a danger that too much carbon monoxide is produced. Therefore, the air supply to the burners cannot be reduced indefinitely. In those cases, it is preferable to adjust or replace the burners. In all this, it is important to make sure that the air flow is sufficiently strong for removing dirt and moisture.
In case making adjustments to the air flow proves impossible, controlling the moisture level of the dried fabric can still save energy. By monitoring the moisture level of the dried fabric directly or indirectly, the drying time and the conveyor belt speed can be adjusted.

Jet Dyeing Machines: M/C process capacity width 1 Singeing 150 m/min. 1200-3200 mm. 2 Desizing 150 m/min. 1200-3200 mm 3 Scouring 150 m/min. 1200-3200 mm 4 Bleaching 150 m/min. 1200-3200 mm 5 mercerization 150 m/min. 1200-3200 mm

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