Pilot-scale Garment Dyeing Machine
Pilot-scale Garment Dyeing Machine

Pilot-scale Garment Dyeing Machine. Dyeing Price Chart

Garment Dyeing Machine

Features Garment Dyeing Machine Specs
Volume 170 litres -200 litres
Load Capacity 1-6 kg
Diameter 700mm — 780mm
Depth 400mm-440mm
Rotation Speed (variable)   0-450 rpm
Should be equipped with color kitchen


  • As per buyer given standard we do the lab dips first.
  • Then do the samples as per standard. You can know about  Terry Towel Weaving Machine
  • If sample is ok, then we need some garments to adjust the recipe
  • On next step we need some garments with shrinkage panels
  • Any adjustment is needed from sewing section before wash like attaching placket, attaching sleeve with body, reduce over stitching etc, then we will discuss with garments factory at sampling stage.
  • If buyers have any test requirements, then we should be informed during sampling. We have facility of wash test, rubbing test, pilling test in our in house lab.

Making blanket

  • To avoid different Sade in different lot of fabric, we wash the blanket, made of all lot of fabric
  • First we collect Three blankets of size 8X8”  from garments factory
  • In the blanket need to mention the Roll no & yardage. Better use yellow marker pen.
  • We wash all three blankets as per standard.
  • Send two blankets for garments factory and kept one in our side.
  • We do trial test in washing by starting shade band. And we keep Enzyme/stone abrasion level standard. So that we can easily follow these created std in washing.
  • Shade grouping & all other related things we do in the washing plant. We will provide files to factory & merchandiser after completing the procedure.
  • Garments manufacturing company has to strictly followed this shade group when they cutting the fabrics.


01 Lt  60 Lt Shade (Dekol RSA)
02 Dk 60 Dk Shade(Dekol RSA)
03 Lt 70 Lt.Lemon yellow-RSA
04 Dk 70 Dk.Lemon yellow-RSA
05 Black Black shade-RSA
06 Lt Tur Lt Turq 80c-ASV
07 Dk Tur Dk Turq 80c-ASV
08 Lt Rsp Lt.R Special-60c-ASV
09 Dk Rsp Dk.R Special-60c-ASV
10 Lt AVI Avitera SE Light-60c
11 Dk AVI Avitera SE Dark-60c
12 White White 105c
13 Stripp Stripping 110c
14 Toppin Topping Af Fix & Soft
15 Stripe Yn dyed Acid Wash
16 Stripe Yn Dyed Deter Wash
17 Stripe Yn Dyed Enzyme Wash
18 PB PB(Rady to Dye)98c
19 PB Pre Bleach-No Enzyme
20 Mc Cln Machine Clean 110c
21 CVC/TC CVC/TC(Only poly part)
22 Polyst 100% Polyster 130c
23 Lt Vis 100% Viscose Lt-RSA
24 Dk Vis 100% Viscose Dk-RSA
25 Lt V-T Lt Turq-Viscose-ASV
26 Dk V-T Dk Turq-Viscose-ASV
27 Blk B Lt Black B,Salt-3por
28 Blk B Dk Black B,Salt-3por
29 Dk Rsp Dk Rspecial 60c–RSA

Dyeing Price Chart (Valid only for L/C):

The bellow price will be effective from the date Agreement made and will be applicable only for the days first party agreed hereby. Bellow is the price schedule. The mentioned bellow price will be only valid for cash transaction. If any verity works needed, additional charge will be made thereof.

Fabrication Color Tubular Finish Open Finish Remarks
100% Cotton Knitted Fabrics Wash 40.00 50.00 If lycra fabrics Tk. 20.00 will be added
White/Scouring 60.00 70.00
Light/Medium 100.00 110.00
Dark 105.00 115.00
Average 100.00 110.00
Black 125.00 135.00
Royal Blue 125.00 135.00

Other Processing charge per kg of fabric.

Sl Others Process Charge per kg(Tk)
1 Heat setting 20.00
2 Sueding 18.00
3 Brushig 10.00
4 Dryer (Tubler) 10.00
5 Stentering (Drying) 18.00
6 Compacting for Open 12.00
7 Compacting for Tube 10.00
8 Slitting 03.00
9 Back sewing 03.00

Note: All prices are including  enzyme process. Without enzime process tk. 05.00 per kg.  will be Less from the billing amount .

Terms & Conditions for Payment

  • Payment may be made in Cash, cheque or L/C.
  • For Cash or Cheque, payments to be maintained in considering bill.
  • Goods to be delivered on the basis of sufficient security reserve.
  • In L/C Payment, the L/C must be 90 days site & bank charge Tk.3.00 will be added.
  • For the agreement of L/C payment, the 1st party will start the works after opening the L/C and       Fabric delivery will start after getting the bank acceptance.

Garment Dyeing Machine: Dollar conversion rate will be Tk 75.00

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