Types of Embroidery Machine

Embroidery machine is manufacturing in all developed country. This machine is used for making embroider design on fabric and garments. There are different types of embroidery machine manufactured by different company e.g.   Quilting embroidery machine, cap embroidery machine, sequin embroidery machine, single head multi needle embroidery machine, multi head embroidery machine etc.

List and Types of Embroidery Machine:

Types of embroidery machine is listed here-

Computerized Embroidery Network:

Embroidery network management function of computerized embroidery machine enables to realize the communication among computers, remote real-time supervision on machine working status and batch download.

Network Embroidery Machine:

  1. Network Embroidery Machine Supervision: Check the current status (on or off) of the entire embroidery machines;  check the detailed information of one computer embroidery machine(including embroidery parameters, mechanical parameters and so on )
  2. Embroidery Design Management: Input the local designs, classify the designs, check the designs, transfer the design to the computer network embroidery machine, check or delete the designs in memory of computer network embroidery machine.

Best Embroidery Machine Networking Device:

List of best embroidery machine devices are specified here –

computerized embroidery machine networking device
Embroidery Network machine
  1. PC
  2. PC Software, like EmbEetServer and EmbClient
  3. Cable, Hub or switch, and other networking device.
  4. Network Connection Converter and the serial port cables works as networking device
  5. A computerized embroidery machine and the corresponding main software that support this network function.

Network Function and Best Embroidery Machine Application :

With the different methods for network connection, the network functions and best embroidery machine applications are divided into two types, which are NET-01A type and Network port type.

  1. Net- 01A: This type is to realize the network function by using the serial port 232 on motherboard. (Use direct network cable to realize network connection )
  2. Network port type: This type is to realize the network function by connecting the PC to network port directly. (The cross network cable may needed for connection)

Installing USB Embroidery Machine on Network: 

Ensure the connections of motherboard, hub, Embroidery Machine network connection converter, embroidery machine serial port or network port and usb embroidery machine devices are ok. And make sure the communication is unhindered.

  1. Set the IP address of pc
  2. Set IP, server address, port numbers and other parameters of embroidery machine computer.
  3. Run server software EmbNetServer
  4. Run the client software EmbClient for needlework.

Personal Safety Of All Types Of Embroidery Mc :

  • Proper personal protective equipment i.e. gloves, visors, and aprons must be used.
  • Always wait until the machine is fully stationary.
  • Do not push finger/ hand through the moving parts.
  • For maintenance work in extreme height wear safety belts to avoid fall.
  • Avoid wearing loose wears.
  • Do not operate the equipment in the presence of flammable gases or fumes.

Machine Safety All Types Of Embroidery Mc:

  • In case of mechanical malfunction the machine must be shut off.
  • Insert the floppy disk right way and while reading disk, never take out the     disk, otherwise, the floppy drive may be destroyed seriously.
  • The LCD should avoid direct sunlight, and can’t be touched with hard objects, in order to prevent LCD’s surface from scrape and permanent damage.
  • Conform that the voltage and phase are correct.
  • Conform that the power plug is properly connected.
  • Do not use compressed air on electric and electronic parts directly.
  • This machine should work at the environment that clean, well ventilated. Don’t pile sundries around the control box, in order to scatter heat and to keep the dust out.
  • Do not usually use emergency buttons to stop the machine. Use the buttons only in real emergencies.
  • Don’t expose the equipment to humidity, dust, corrosive gas, flammable gas and so on.
  • Before starting a test run, remove the bobbin case and the needle thread from the machine.
  • Only authorized person works on the embroidery machine.
  • Loose bolted connections must always be tightened.

Daily Maintenance – All Types Of Embroidery Mc:

  • Clean up the dirt using cleanly compressed air and fur
  • Clean up the control box, if the control box is wet inside, then must dry it by the heating air.
  • Check the electrical wiring system.
  • Check the needle position.
  • Check the motor pulley guard.
  • Check the machine pullet guard.
  • Check the needle plate screw & needle screw.
  • Check all the screw, nut & Bolt.
  • Clean the whole machine.
  • Check and put oil if necessary all the joints.

Weekly Maintenance – All Types Of Embroidery Mc:

  • Check the electric fan in the machine box running normally or not, and the heat exit hole is blocked or not.
  • Check grounding equipment, connections.
  • Check the power supply terminal.
  • Check the motor drive.
  • Clean the whole machine.
  • Check & set the needle plate.
  • Check the motor pulley & machine pulley guard.
  • Electrical wiring should be check.
  • Check Thread stand, nut-bolt.

Manufacturing Process Of Best Embroidery Machine:

  • Must be suitable for the fabric/ product/ treatment
  • Must follow the artwork
  • Best Embroidery Machine must be correctly positioned, according to instructions
  • Must be properly graded
  • Must have fusing removed at backside or have a clean edge on fusing, depending on instructions
  • Best Embroidery Machine must when machine embroidered, have securely fastened threads with lockstitch and threads trimmed at backside
  • when hand embroidered, have securely fastened thread with a knot and at least 1 cm thread left after trimming the inside
  • Must have maximum 3 cm of floating threads on backside
  • Best Embroidery Machine must withstand product’s wear and wash