What is Internal and External Calibration
What is Internal and External Calibration

What is Internal and External Calibration

External Calibration

Internal and External Calibration -The metal detection machines are re-calibrated each year by Package Care.  The Maintenance Manager ensures, when alerted that Package Care are contacted for repair and re-calibration.  Re-calibration and repair is recorded and records are kept with the metal detection machine. Read also Pressure Gauges Calibration Apparatus sss

  • The master rule is re-calibration yearly by an accredited body.
  • The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that all measuring equipment consistently give readings of known accuracy.
  • This procedure applies to inspection, measuring and test equipment currently used for verification activities.
  • The Maintenance, Fabric Technologist & Quality Assurance Managers are responsible for ensuring this procedure is adhered to.
  • The master rule is kept in the Q.A. Managers office.
  • All the Laboratory equipments are re-calibrated every year.

Internal Calibration

  • All rulers and measuring tapes are calibrated by the Q.A. Manager using the master rule they are then marked that they have been calibrated and a calibration log is kept by the Q.A. Manager all rulers and measures are re-calibrated every year.
  • Relevant personnel are responsible for ensuring only calibrated rulers and measures are used.
  • Light boxes are checked every six months. This is recorded and kept with the light box.
  • Light boxes are re-painted every year or more if the light box has been scuffed.
  • Light boxes are kept free from dust to ensure the minimum of maintenance.

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