Stoned Products

The following must be adhered to with regard to finish on any Children’s product where embellishments are used.  No product will be accepted if deemed

unsafely finished. No hand sewing is to be used for embroideries / embellishments/ badges/ appliques /sequins or buttons for any products under 35 months. Machine lock stitch only accepted.

Single Jewel Stone.

  • Single jewel stone must be securely attached with Polyester double thread stitch on any fabric type & also glued where possible. .
  • A Vilene or self fabric backing placed on the inside of the product at the back of the stone, through which the stone is sewn to ensure a secure attachment base and the threads must be securely knotted off.  Must withstand a strong manual pull test.
  • Acrylic Jewel stones must not have any burrs, sharp or rough edges that can cause injury and/or have a grating affect on the thread resulting on the thread fraying and the stone  inevitably coming loose owing to thread break down.
  • All purpose Polyester Thread (100% Polyester ) or Cotton – wrapped

Polyester to be used for all applications.

Small Diamante Stones (Rhinestones)

  • All stones must be securely stuck to the main body of the product using either glue especially made for the purpose .  These are very strong, dry completely clear and invisible and last a very long time, or using Hot-Fix (or Heat-Fix) which are stones backed with special glue and are set using an iron or a specially developed tool.  The later is a much faster, easier and more economical method.
  • Stones must not be placed across seams or uneven surfaces or directly onto plastisol prints .All stones must withstand the ruler test for secure attachment. Any stone which loosens or starts to peel away, even slightly, is not acceptabl
  • Rhinestone Banding (strands)-  e. A connected ‘Chain’ or row of individual stones where each stone is held in a plastic cup (metal not accepted for
  • Children’s products), must be securely sewn in spaces of 1cm and no floaters.

Sequin Attachments

  • All single sequins must be secured by 3 stitches.
  • Runner row of sequins must be secured by a min of 2 stitches either side of each sequin.
  • Beading/Sequins should not be in a looped format or have floaters  exceeding 1cm (no exceptions),
  • Monofilament thread is not to be used for any attachment.  DTM Polyester thread only to be used.

Nail/Pin Heads

  • Must be completely & securely stuck to the product and just like rhinestones,
  • must not be placed across seams or uneven surfaces or directly onto plastisol
  • prints.
  • All nail/pin heads must withstand the ruler test for secure attachment.  Any
  • which loosen or start to peel off, even slightly, are not acceptable

Button Attachments

  • Application must be by lock stitch button sew and be through a minimum of
  • 2 layers of fabric, Chain stitch not permitted.
  • Buttons must not  be of two- part construction  or made of a brittle material such as Mother of Pearl or Wood  up to 36 mths & be totally dye fast.
  • Buttons should not bear any resemblance to food.
  • Buttons should not have any sharp edges or points.
  • All purpose  Polyester Thread ( 100% Polyester) or Cotton – wrapped
  • Polyester to be used for all applications.
  • It is attached with button whole sewing machine

Studs / Rivets / Fasteners

  • The fastener must be selected on the basis of compatibility with the fabric, style and thickness.   Prong fasteners used for knitted fabrics and post for woven  fabrics.
  • Fasteners /Ring Snaps must not be applied across seams or any other area of thickness variation. They must not be damaged in any way during application resulting in protruding burrs or  sharp/damaged edges.
  • Fastener / Rivet attachment must be secure through at least 2 plies of fabric and withstand a pulling force of 90 Newtons.
  • Lightweight fabrics may require reinforcement to provide sufficient strength to withstand popper/stud application / wear and must pass through a min of 2 layers of fabric.
  • Studs / Rivets must be placed through a min of 2 layers of fabric and should not be placed across seams or any area of thickness variation.  Should withstand a pull force of 90 Newton.


  • Bows must not have ribbon tails exceeding  5cm in length and ribbon ends must not ravel. Laser/Sonic cut ends only accepted. Heat Seal is not acceptable.
  • Bows must be securely attached to the product  through the centre knot area ensuring the bow is secure and cannot come undone or come away from the product easily.

Glitter Prints 

  • Glitter used on any area of a product print should not shed or transfer and should not have a harsh handle.  Small particle glitter (securely applied) only to be used.
Written By - Robert Dkay, Manager, Golder Accessories Ltd. Narayangong