types of needles
Types of needles

Metal Contamination Policy

Metal Contamination Policy

Auto garments is demonstrated a management led commitment and an education of staff to the effective prevention of metal contamination of their products. Auto  Fashions Ltd. management strictly follows the Metal Disposal policy. Our factory management is able to identify the problems in production floor due to needle and metal disposal with following the metal disposal policy. To prevent the metal contamination, we established the below policies/ procedures: …

Needle Control Policy

Each Operator should only be in the possession of the number of the needles or nessecery metal device only required to operate his/her machine.

  • Need replacement procedure
  • Sharp tools control procedure
  • Metal free zone with air port type metal detector

Environment Related

All workers and supervisors are trained in sewing floor to collect the broken needles or any kinds of metal objects from floor.

  • Air Emission
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Heavy lifting & carry Procedure
  • Training Program on Wastage Handling for Loader & Cleaner CTPAT
  • Training Program on Environment Issues
  • Awareness Program on Chemical Handling  CTPATProcedure
  • Environment Consumption Report
  • Earth Quake Training File
  • Wastage Destroy Policy

General & PPE Machine, Metal & Medical

In the event if some parts of a broken needle has gone missing, the correct action plan is to check all the ready garments/parts surrounding that particular machine to ensure that the broken bits of needle has not fallen into the garments/parts or sewn into seams. The next step is to check is to check the area surrounding that particular sewing machine.

  • Training Program on Company Rules Regulations, Rights &
  • Responsibility for Employee
  • Training Program on Working Hours, OT Rate, Weekly Holiday etc
  • Awareness Program for Pregnant Workers
  • Induction/Orientation Program for Newly Recruited Employee CTPAT
  • Awareness Program on PPE
  • Training Program on Grievance Handling Procedure
  • Training Program on Health &Safety
  • Training Program on Using Sharp Tools
  • Risk Assessment & Awareness Record
  • Assessment of Medical Issues
  • File on Injury Report
  • Medicine expanding Report File
  • Awareness Program on Aids
  • Awareness Program on First Aid Friends
  • Training Program on Leave Management
  • Training on Gender Equality and Preventing Violence Against omen1.
  • lectrical Assessment CAP Report By BV CTPAT
  • Mega Compliance
  • Fire Assessment 2nd Follow up By BV May-14
  • Initial Audit, Fire, Electrical Assessment By BV
  • 1st & 2nd Follow up By BV
  • Self Assessment
  • BV InformationTraining Program on Metal detector Machine Maintenance
  • Training Program on Standard Operating Procedure


If the broken needle parts not found, with big magnet or using Metal Detector it should be confirm. Then the garments/part should through in to disposal box to dispose if broken parts not found.

  • Job Description of All Security Persons
  • Training Program on CTPAT for Packing
  • Training Program on Security
  • Training Program on CTPAT for Security
  • Training Program on Factory Security & Safety Issues Security Guard
  • Training Program on CTPAT for Loader
  • Threat Awareness Program for all workers
  • SCS (CTPAT) Audit Report – 2014
  • SCS (CTPAT) Internal Audit Report
  • Supplier Information
  • Supplier Information All
  • Internal Audit Report


Like same process, all parts of the broken or used metal are kept in to the metal disposal box of the each separate floor. These wastage metal materials are handover later from disposal box to the respectives by the authosisation of factory management. Moreover, these records are kept in a different register of Metal Contamination Policy

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