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What is Bar Screen? Screening Water Treatment Process.

Bar Screen? Screening Water Treatment Process.

Bar Screen Bar screen and screening water treatment is the first process unit operation used at wastewater treatment plants. Screening removes objects such as rags, paper, plastics and metals to prevent damage and clogging of downstream equipment and piping.Cleaning frequency depends on the characteristics of the wastewater entering a plant. …

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Equipment List of Common Effluent Treatment Plant in Textile Industry

common effluent wastewater treatment plant

What is Effluent Treatment Plant ETP is stand for Effluent Treatment Plant. It is used in sewerage and wastewater system. ETPS is very important for Garments and Textile Industry. ETP purify waste water comes from different industry like textile, garments, ternary, pharmaceuticals etc. The industrial effluent treatment plants involve different stages of …

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