Textile Weaving Machine

Industrial automation of textile weaving machine or textile factory automation plays a very important role in textile world and garment industry than just to reduce labour costs. Our most important facet is to reduce the manual work and their related problems. Thus we help the people to get a higher product quality. Some machine is manufactured by installing embedded software. Embedded software is used in control panel.

List of Weaving Machine

List of weaving machines is mentioned below with link –

Specifications of a Weaving Machine

Specifications NameSpecifications Value
Product CategoryWeaving
Machine CategoryWeaving Machine
Product NameWater Jet loom
Product ModelJW408-III
Product ClassNew
OriginMade in China
Brand/ ManufacturerRising Textile Machinery
Agent in BangladeshNo/Yes
Production CapacityNA
Optional breadth135, 190, 210, 230, 260, 280, 340, 360CM
Weft insertion rateMax 2280 meters per minute
SpeedMax 12000 r/min(may vary according to fabric specifications)
Heald frame number4, 6, 8 pcs
Cam sheddingMax 10 pcs
DobbyMax 16 pcs
Installed power1.5-4.5 Kw
Range weft density5-80 thread per cm

Comparison of the Weaving Machines

High time to renovate your low efficiency weaving machine!

The water jet weaving machine made its first appearance in 1950s. And then it was refined by the Japanese in the 1960s. But until 1995, the water jet loom was first shown at the Brussels Textile Machinery Exhibition. The different phases of weaving machine evolution is shown as the following picture:

Comparison of the Weaving Machines
Comparison of the Weaving Machines

Obviously we can draw a conclusion from the picture that the water/air jet weaving machine is higher in efficiency than rapier and projectile ones. As is known to all, efficiency is the key factor to the operation of a textile factory. If a factory possesses very efficient weaving machines and it can produce more fabrics than competitors within a certain time span, thus gain a leading position in the more and more fierce competition.

In fact, water jet weaving machine has a lot other advantages besides higher pick insertion rate, such as low power consumption and very little noise.

The power consumption of latest water/air jet is only 1.5-4.5 Kw, which means you can produce more high quality fabrics within the same time. If you adopt this kind of advanced water jet weaving machine, you can enjoy an enormous leading position over your competitors.

The space water jet weaving machine taking up is rather smaller than traditional machines, which means that you can make full use of your workshop to increase the productivity as much as possible, not only in quantity but also in quality.

Another problem with the traditional weaving machine is the damage made to warp yarns during the weaving operation. But this kind of damage will never occur in a water jet weaving machine. Because the mechanism of the water jet weaving machine is to forced water jet carries the yarn to the opposite side, totally without damage to the yarn itself. There is no abrasion on warp yarns by the jets of water.

JW408-III double pump triple-nozzle heavy water jet loom carries on all the advantages above mentioned. It is widely applicable, especially for ultra fine fabrics of high density, high weight. The machine is capable to run with high velocity and efficiency and super stability. Optional spare parts such as weft storage device, electronic weft storage device, multi-nozzle, cam shedding device and dobby shedding device, are available for this machine.

How Weaving Machine Works

Every day, weaving installations must meet new market requirements in terms of new yarns and increasing weaving speeds .  Stäubliis there to accept this challenge with its complete line of shed forming machines and weaving preparation systems without making concessions in terms of quality and innovation . For each application and for each textile-related problem, stäubli offers the appropriate solution . This applies to all weaving mills, all types of weaving machines and all weft insertion systems .

Weaving preparation systems for highest requirements

Stäubli weaving preparation systems for efficient warp and style changes increase the flexibility and productivity in the weaving mill . Stäubli offers dvanced system solutions for warp tying and automatic drawing-in and quick style change .

H i g h f l e x i b i l i t y o n t y i n g

The topmatic tying machine can be used for all yarn types from 0,8–500 tex . With the standard odels, cotton, wool, silk and fila-simple adjustment of the separating needle for elastic and textured yarns

T h e c o r r e c t l e a s e c h a n g e f o r e a c h a p p l i cat i o n

Selectable lease changes

Standard lease change type 01 for 1:1 lease with cam control controllable lease change type 10 for 1:1, 2:2, 3:3 and 4:4 leases and the possibility to program irregular leases

Automatic control of the clamping pressure of the yarn ends.two thread clamps on the knotter for different yarn thicknesses ment yarns as well as textured and elastic yarns may be tied without adjustment .

S i n g l e a n d d o u b l e k n ot s

The change from a single knot (a) to a double knot (b) is made by simply pressing a button .

Select between 4 operating modes

Dpending on the leases available in the warp sheets, it is possible to select between 4 different  perating

Modes during warp tying . The lease changes for the upper and lower sheet will be activated by simply pressing a button . Decades of experience gained by stäubli in the manufacturing of tying machines is reflected in technically perfect and proven solutions

Double ends that are not identified during tying lead to redirections of threads on the weaving machine . In case of double ends on the warp side (case a), a yarn must be led away . In case of double ends on the weaving machine side (case b), a yarn must be led in . Studies have shown that the deviated warp threads break much more frequently than normal warp threads and that the repair time for such thread breakages takes longer .

Production loss

Each additional broken thread causes production losses and a drop in quality . In a company equipped with 50 weaving machines, there are up to 1800 hours of production loss per year, with 1 broken thread per day, depending on the repair time .

T o p m at i c p c – e l e c t r o n i c d o u b l e e n d d e t e c t i o n f o r wa r p s w i t h o r w i t h o u t l e a s e

The unique electronic double end detection improves the tying quality considerably and increases the efficiency of the weaving machines . The tension of each thread is measured by a sensor during the tying operation . In the case of double ends or in the case of faults in the lease, the topmatic pc stops automatically before the knot is tied .

Programming and statistics

Process data acquisition serves both machine monitoring and quality control . The data acquisition enables an objective comparison to be made between shifts and give information on intervals and maintenance work .

R e p e at c o u n t e r

All of the tying machines are equipped with a repeat counter which saves a considerable amount of time when tying colored warps . The repeat is entered according to the repeat pattern . During the tying  operation, the topmatic stops automatically after having reached the defined number of threads .

Once programmed, up to 100 repeats remain stored in the program memory .

R e p e at c o u n t e r p e r m a n e n t q u a l i t y m o n i t o r i n g b y p r o c e s s data a c q u i s i t i o n

Program example with the same repeat in the finished warp and the new warp . Program example with different repeats in the finished warp and the new warp .

Tpf 3 tying frame: The tpf3 is a universal tying frame that can be used with all topmatic and ustermatic tying machines and on all weaving machines having tying widths from 100 to 400 cm . Thanks to the wide range of configuration possibilities, which includes the selectable clamping principle, the device can be optimally adapted to various needs . The tpf3’s robust construction with aluminium profiles ensures . Stability and long-life together with smooth handling and reduced overall weight .

Highly ergonomic

The elegant design of the tpf3 offers exceptional operational comfort, as for example the central Height adjustment, and the best possible ergonomic . The footboard, available on request, is recommended for large warp beam flanges or with high placed whip rolls .

Wide application field

Tpf3 tying frames can be used for a wide variety of applications . In addition to its primary use in weaving Rooms, topmatic and tpf3 are the daily companions of subcontractors specialized in performing knotting operations .central height adjustment the slim form of the frame allows the weaving machine to be approached closely to increase the ease of clamping frame feet swivelling on both sides simplify docking on the weaving machine loading into a truck (e.g. For subcontracters)

Clamping principle a without deflection

This robust clamping system with deflection is appropriate for all standard yarns . Clamping is made. By inserting the rotary rod and by turning it 90° .

I n s ta l l at i o n data

Mains voltage nominal voltage through mains transformer : 100, 120, 220 and 240 vac special case : mains transformer for 380 and 400 vac max. Allowable voltage variation ± 10% frequency 50 or 60 hz power consumption max. 120 va air humidity relative up to 90% ambient temperature 5–40° c dimensions (machine) width 300 mm, height 255 mm, depth 355 mm weight 12–15,2 kg depending on tying machine model

Weaving Looms for Sale

As the development of internet, nowadays global competition is becoming more and more fierce. As a traditional textile country, Bangla has to reconsider its position in the global market. Every garment factory owner keeps thinking how to enhance the productivity and reduce the cost.

As the Chinese saying goes, one man has to polish his tool before doing a better job. We have a very clear understanding about this idiom. So under this background Rising Textile Machinery designed and developed this brand new looms to meet this demand. It is especially made for those who produce high density ultra fine fabrics. It is the most advanced model in China equipped with electronic let off and take up system. It possesses a reasonable-structured frame, thus having a good anti-seismic performance.

With these advantages, it can prevent the emergence of fabrics quality problems. At the same time it reduces the cost of weaving factories with its characteristics of high speed, high efficiency and high productivity.

Weaving Looms for Sale
Water Jet Loom

Also we can manufacture this series of water jet loom according to customer requirements. Some  weaving looms for sale those are listed in above paragraph.

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