What is Knotting Machine? How it Works?
What is Knotting Machine? How it Works?

What is Knotting Machine? How it Works?

Knotting Machine

When the reed count is not changed on a specific loom, the ends of the fresh beam are tied with of the exiting one with the help of TODO – knotting machine.  The selector no. is set according to the count of warp in the beams.  If the counts of warp in the exiting beam and that of the fresh beam are different .The m/c can work at a speed of 200-500 knots /min and it is fisherman knot .Two person set the beam in position while one runs the TODO machine. One knotting machine is sufficient to serve all the 95 looms.

Work load assignment

Total no. of looms: 95

Picanol delta X: 30

Picanol omni: 16

Picanol gamma: 25

Sulzer: 24


There are two methods which are followed to prepared the beam for mounting on the loom.

These are:

Warping trying or knotting

Drawing in

Warping trying or knotting

The method has some limitation to used where an exactly same article or quality of fabric is to be made that is already running on the loom before knotting the following points should be consider

  • The total number of warp ends should be same as that of already running into the loom.
  • The count of warp yarn and weave design be same.

Drawing in

This method of mounting weavers beam on the loom is adopted when the design and quality differs from the existing one. The yarn as it comes to drawer hook is then drawn through dropper, then through the eye of heald wire. All the warp yarn thus drawn one by one finally pass through the split of the dent of reed is called denting

Equipment Used

For Tying a sized and leased beam with the already running beam in the loom. Following typing of machines are used: Knotex warp typing machine for mono color fabric.

Key Accessories:

Key accessories used for drawing are : Drawer’s hook, Reed knife

Key accessories used for warp tying are: Brush, Leasing band, Stand frame


In order to ensure floor and personal safety are instructed to following the safety guideline given bellow:

Smokey is strictly prohibited in the department

Operators are instructed not to touch any rotating or operating parts until the machine comes to complete

Put a sign on the machine when knotting  work are progress

Cheek before Production:

Check the correctness of the knots

Check the whether any are crossing

Check whether any empty dropper is left or not

Warp tying process:

  • The operation procedure for warp tying is enumerated under the following points
  • The beam is loaded on to a specific loom and mounted on beam bracket. The tying frame is set in the roper position.
  • The ends of the old beam and the ends of the new beam are accurately brushed and gripped by the frame so that older and new ends makes a upper and lower set of yarn placed in proper tension.
  • Then warp tying head is mounted over the tying frame
  • Then machine is started, operator will check the correctness of the knot and start again by switch
  • Thus knotting will be completed up to the end of set tying upper set of older yarn with lower set of new warp
  • Thus knotting is completed tying head and frame are removed, the old pieces of knotted yarn is pulled through the frame and thus new warp set is allowed to pass and made reedy for run.

Operation staff for knotting section:

Knotting machine in charge



Drawing in process:

  • The operation procedure for drawing in is enumerated under the following points
  •  Generally for new quality drawing n  done on the machine
  • When article is completed the machine is ready for drawing in
  • As per quality drawing in charge make a program for drawing in
  • After drawing in / denting is complete then all frame reed are set in the machine
  • Then new yarn from the beam pulled and set in the loom with dropper, healds properly positioned and new yarn are tied with the old piece of cloth wrapped around the pressure roller with a small number of kno

Operation staff for drawing section:

Drawing in charge



Process Definition:

Interlacement of two or more yarns/threads warp and weft yarns in a definite order to form a fabric which is suitable for dress material, domestic and industrial purpose is called weaving. The machine used for this purpose is called weaving machine or loom.


The knotting machine used to the purpose of weaving can be categories are as follows:

Name o loom



No of loom



Type of settingWeft insertion capacityRPM
Tsudakoma air jet loom



56cam shedding



2Up to 650

Key accessories:

The key accessories used for weaving are as follows:

  • Weavers hook
  • Weaver’s cutter
  •  Pick counting glass
  • Measuring tap

Check before production:

Operator must be checking the following points prior to operation:

  • Check safety switch
  • Check drawing, denting, fabric width, weft density and other fabric defect
  • Check yarn count and manufacturer

Operation Procedure:

After article is done a new weaver’s beam set on the machine and drawing or tying is done. It is the duty of the loom technician to check and set all necessary setting, gauging and operating values through mechanical means after setting is done. He hands over the knotting machine to beam pieces/ beam fitter

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