Fire Alarm Beeping

GSM fire alarm sound effect and fire alarm beeping system made by cellular mobile technology. It has built-in keypad and GSM dialer. The alarm system should contain 30 wireless area, and 10 hardwired area, alarm system with features of auto-dialing and auto-SMS functions. The alarm system with rechargeable backup with system battery that can perform smoke alarm solutions for last working at least 14 hours when external power goes for down.

Features of Alarma GSM:

Property  loss  can  be  reduced  and  downtime  for  the  operation  minimized through  early  detection  because  control  efforts  are  started  while  the  fire  is  still  small. The necessary features of alarma gsm cellular system is described below shortly-

  • Wireless gsm alarm system with upto 24 hours battery backup inside.
  • Should have Main Host, Keychain Remotes, or even remotely by SMS.
  • Sufficient wireless zones for wireless gsm alarm system
  • Identifying heat detector area,
  • The SIM Card, can dial, answer cal, send message and receive message
  • Touch key panel with LCD screen.
  • Support wireless fire , motion, door open sensor
  • Set time delay for fire alarm circuit based on arming and disarming
  • Operating range of  gsm alarm up to 200 metres.
  • Smoke Alarm Beeping
  • Fire Alarm Beeping
  • Easy for installation
  • Smoke alarm solutions which work in ac/dc mode
  • Support hard wired siren
  • Should have three arm function: Home Arm, Away Arm, Delay Arm.
  • Automated SMS facility for alarma gsm.
  • Support Upto 04 Cellphone Number.
  • SMS Alert  based on zone , Sound alert based on zone and smoke alarm solutions bsed on zone,
  • SMS based activation and de-activation.
  • Support all popular mobile network.
  • Operating temperature of  fire alarm circuit is 10 to 50 degree.
  • Work in both AC/DC mode.
  • External Power for  fire alarm circuit
  • It can connect as central monitoring station as a output of smoke alarm solution
  • Wired 16 zones fire alarm panel with auto dialer

Parts of  Fire Alarm Circuit:

Fire detection systems are designed to discover fires early in their development when time will still be available for the safe evacuation of occupants. The components of fire alarm circuit is given below-

fire alarm circuit
Alarm Sound
  1. Control panel
  2. LCD Monitor
  3. Keyboard.
  4. Wireless keyboard
  5. Wireless Indoor Strobe Sireiren
  6. Dialer of  GSM
  7. SMS Sender.
  8. SMS Receiver
  9. Security Camera is monitoring system for fire protection.
  10. Wireless Door

Most alarm systems provide information to emergency responders on the location of the fire, speeding the pprocess of fire control

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