Fire Alarm Maintenance

The purpose of this fire alarm maintenance is to serve as a guide for Consultants and Contractors to document the Testing of the newly installed Fire Alarm & Detection System. This will provide a systematic flow of information that confirms whether the installed fire and life safety systems function according to the intended design criteria set forth in the mechanical drawings and also satisfy the factory’s operational needs, including compliance requirements of applicable laws, regulations, codes and standards requiring fire and life safety systems. The objectives include: …

  • The Management has given importance of Health and Safety Management System maintenance in SA 8000 Standards.  Verification of proper functioning of the equipment/ system after installation.
  • Ensuring that the performance of the installed equipment matches the design.
  • Document/ record performance data of the new system.
  • Verification of Mechanical Drawings against Actual Installation.
  • So, fire alarm and fire detecting system should be checked and installed if necessary.Verify 3rd Party certification of required Fire Alarm & Detection System equipment.
  • Appoint in writing and in duplicate each safety representative outlining in detail their areas of responsibility. One copy of appointment will be for the representative and the other will be field in the Safety File of the Site Safety Coordinator.
  • The appointment letters must spell the duties and responsibilities.
  • The appointments to be signed in acceptance.
  • Performance of Safety Representatives to be reviewed at least once a year and if needed person appointed may be changed for better effectiveness.
  • The Safety Representatives will carry out monthly inspections and submit reports to the Site Safety Coordinator which should be discussed at the Safety Meetings.
  • The Safety Representative will ensure that all the elements of the Safety Programme(Site Safety Policy) are fully followed and necessary records are kept.
  • The Safety Representatives will attend Safety Courses as deemed applicable and when available.

The management of the factory has already installed new equipments for the fire alarm and fire detecting system instead of old equipments. To aid the Testing & Commissioning Procedure, the factory shall prepare and present documents and abide by the requirements during the day of T&C as described below:

  • Final Testing & Commissioning Report (by Contractor).
  • Third Party Certificates of all relevant equipment.
  • Accord reviewed mechanical drawings of installed system.
  • Health, Safety and Security issues should be handled uncompromisingly according to the discussion..
    As-built drawings.
  • Routine Inspection, Testing & Maintenance report/checklist.
  • The contractor and at least two factory personnel with technical expertise shall be present during the date of T&C along with all testing equipment and other necessary tools.

General Questionably

The Chairman & CEO of SQ Group presided over the meeting. A threadbare discussion was held on fixed agenda and the following decisions were taken:

Are Design Drawings Approved by Accord?

  • Do As-built drawings match the Installation?
  • Are 3rd Party certifications present for installed equipment?

Check Fire Alarm Control Panel:

  • Fire Alarm and Fire Detecting System of old building was found out of order.Is the fire control room sufficiently fire separated?
  • Is the panel located in a room where 24-hr monitoring is possible?
  • Are there repeater panels?
  • Locations of repeater panels?
  • Is it provided with a consistent primary power source?
  • Should the primary source fail, is there a secondary power source provided for the panel?
  • Is the secondary source (Battery) as per the sizing calculations?
  • Are batteries marked with Month and Year of manufacture as per NFPA 72?
  •  Is the panel properly grounded/ earthed after Fire Alarm Maintenance  ?
  • Is the electrical circuitry mechanically protected and marked properly (i.e. Breaker lock)?
  • The Management Representative,Ali, apprised the meeting that all the decisions of 3rd Management Review Meeting have been implemented. Are device location and zone maps / Schematic Diagrams provided at or beside the fire alarm control panel and remote annunciator as per NFPA72?
  • Is the fire alarm cable 3rd party certified?
  • Is Emergency lighting with battery backup present at FACP room?
  • Check Interfacing Module:

Are the modules 3rd Party Certified?

  • Is the Factory’s HVAC system interfaced with the FACP?
  • Are the fire doors interfaced with the FACP?
  • Are lifts/ elevators interfaced with the FACP?
  • Is the fire pump interfaced with the FACP?
  • For maintaining a healthy working environment the Plant Manager, Manager, Admin & Personnel will monitor regarding this issue. Is the sprinkler zone control valve interfaced with the FACP for Fire Alarm Maintenance ?
  • To use all communication channels to promote safety awareness and to facilitate participation and involvement in the identification and resolution of Safety Hazards. Supervisors and Safety Representatives to run through Safety and Working Procedures with shop floor Workers at the workplace.

    Training to be given in accordance with the Safety Training Manuals. Safety Department to develop quality circle concept.