Bengal Security

It is our pleasure to welcome you at Bengal Security System (BESS). The BESS intends to ensure your security in all sphere of life- your office, households, industry, educational institutions, religious establishments, market places or even in leisure places to make you feel comfortable and thereby increasing productivity and efficiency. 

Security has always been an imperative part of our life. Technological revolution of modern age has pioneered the concept of electronic security systems with a widespread popularity. Protecting life and hard earned valuables is a leading concern. The BESS propagates total security in everyday reality. Think your home, office, factory or a public place where a simple gesture can open up infinity of practical possibilities for your safety. Once this is understood, you can begin to understand just how much a part we play in all this. How much research, technology, experience and support there is behind the products which, at any moment of the day, are able to satisfy large or small needs for security of life and assets.

The Bengal Electra & security System has adopted a simple approach – deliver intelligent and reliable solutions that provide peace of mind to our customers and are easy to install and maintain by System Integration partners. We provide electronic security systems that offer maximum efficiency and optimal simplicity.

Strength of the BESS

  • We have a strong management team who are very much committed to serve the best quality product with competitive price. We believe commitment is the key to success.
  • We are committed to provide a service what customer wants to implement. For that reason we have a strong marketing team that is very much familiar about current technology and ideas. The people in the team are very professional with the knowledge about the situation of our customer’s expectation. So, they are capable of sharing the best idea and will design competitive best solution what you looking for.
  • On the other hand we also have a very strong technical team who are working together with successful track record in same field. They are capable to accomplish all jobs within the shortest possible time and committed to serve after sales service in short time.

Attributes of the Product and Services:

Security Items

CCTV & IP Camera system:

1) CCTV camera (HD&AHD) solution with DVR based 2) IP Camera Solution with NVR based 3) IP Wireless Home Security Camera Mobile Based 4) PTZ Camera Solution 5) ZOOM Type Camera (Very focal)

Access Control & Time Attendance system:

1) Biometric Access Control & Time Attendance system 2) Proximity Access Control & Time Attendance system 3) Face Id Access Control & Time Attendance system

Metal Detector system:

  • Hand Held Metal Detector supply
  • Arch-way

Fire Alarm System:

1)Addressable Fire Alarm System 2) Conventional Fire Alarm System 3) Wireless Stand alone Fire Alarm system 4) Fire Extinguisher supply & installation 5) Fire Extinguisher Re-filling

Networking Items:

  • Complete Office Networking 
  • LAN Cabling 
  • Switching Router ,Rack ,Accessories
  • Trouble shooting
  • Configuration 
  • Testing …..

Electronics Items : 1) Multimedia Projector

Others Products:

  • Video Door Call System
  • Auto Bugler alarms system
  • Proximity Card & Holders Supply

Projects Experienced by the member(s) of BESS Team

Though the Bengal Electra Security Services is comparatively new as an establishment, but its team member(s)  has been experienced substantially in working with numerous partners, for instance,  Sigma Group, Ananda Group, Lalon School & Collage, TRZ Group, Khulna Shipyard, Tk Group, Grace Builders Ltd, Otobi,Imran Studio, Zavi & Zayeand  Group,RanksTel, Poly Cables,  Azmiry United Finance,  Far East composite ltd, UGI Group,  Surge Communication,

Elecreo Group, Shardar Tower, Kallol Group, Sun flower School, Samadsons Group,Hasan Knitting, Power Breeze, Langka  Bangla, Hall-Mark Group, BASE TEXTILES LIMITED, National  Feed, GFN ACCESSORIES, RFL, J. B. TRADING, Prity Garments, Masud & Company Joy Media,  SPARKLE APPARELS, Land Mark Group, ZIPLACE FASHION, PACIFIC JEANS, VIKA KOLB, Sikdar Garments, ALPHA HOMEO CARE 2,  BANGLADESH

CLINIC, Bay,  ATTIC BUILDERS (PVT.) LTD, Rainbo Departmental Stor, ALPHA BUILDERS LTD, Confidence, BABOR TRAVELS, Niloy Engineering Ltd., DIGNITA, Bonolota Housing at Bengal Security MOMOSHA TRADING CORPORATION, and Amena Tower

Fire Extinguishing Equipment
Location Marked Floor Clear
Maintenance of Equipment
Storage of Flammable & Explosive Material
Alarm System
Fire Fighting Drills & Instructions
Security System
Emergency Planning
Fire Prevention & Protection Coordinator

Emergency Action Plan available

  • To ensure safe, effective response to emergency situations.
  • Emergency plan devised to cover all eventualities and copies to be available to all employees on a “ need-to-know” basis.
  • (Enter full text Emergency Plan)
  • Separate first-aid-trained.
  • First aid teams to be appointed and listed on notice boards, First aid to be included in regular drills.
  • Coordinator trained to take control.
  • Coordinator ( and alternate ) to be appointed and trained.
  • ( Enter details of training and copy of appointment(s)
  • Control Centre / Emergency equipment.
  • A suitable area to be designated as control centre during emergency evacuation