What is Health and Safety Issue
What is Health and Safety Issue

What is Health and Safety Issue. Wages and Benefits

Health and Safety Issue

Health and Safety Issue – To ensure that the responsibility for safety within the Company is correctly designated and that the responsibility within each manager’s areas of jurisdiction is recognized and accepted…

  • Health & Safety Issue
  • Safety Policy and that policy be framed and prominently displayed within the site. Personal Safety
  • Wet process
  • Chemical Store/ Chemical Issue Center
  • Sample
  • Safety of the Company. PP Spray
  • Resin Spray Section
  • The Site Safe Coordinator shall appoint Safety Representatives for different areas Coordinators for important technical functions and inspectors to help him for getting feed back on some specific items. Environment
  • Chemical store
  • Chemical Distribution Center
  • Electrical Safety
  • Are all electrical (SDB) board & equipments free from dust & check list maintained (Weekly basis)
  • Are all electric Cables properly insulated & Safe Condition
  • Are all switches, plugs in safer condition?
  • Is the insulation ok?
  • Are all tube lights fitted & Operational?
  • Are all exhaust fans, ceiling & Stand Fan operational?
  • Each Management Staff shall accept their responsibilities to maintain a safe working environment as given in the policy. Fire Hazardous/Safety
  • Are Fire Extinguishers Charged, Labeled, Pressure tested & check list maintained?
  • Fire alarm box
  • Are all Fire Extinguishers & Fire equipments unblocked?
  • Are all Emergency Lights & Exit Light Box fitted & operational?
  • Are the boiler room kept clean & check list maintained properly?
  • Is generator room clean & tidy?
  • Are all smoke detectors & Hose Pipe functioning?
  • Are all exit doors and Passage unblocked & opened?
  • Health & Hygiene (Toilet)
  • Are all toilets lighted, ventilated & cleaned properly?
  • Are all taps, basin, basin pipe is in order?
  • Housekeeping
  • Are all drinking water filters functional?
  • Fabric store paths clear?
  • Hazards
  • Are chemical drums safely placed in different compartments?
  • Empty chemical drum disposing
  • Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Are all chemicals being used properly?
  • Is pH Level maintaining in a regular manner?
  • Is Sludge Dumping in proper placement?
  • Where applicable site safety coordinator will sign certificates of competency for their engineering staff. Are all ETP parameter under control?
  • ETP surroundings clean?
  • ETP chemical store ok?
  • Each safety committee meeting minutes shall be formally signed by the Site Safety Coordinator as Chairman of the Committee. Unwanted storage
  • First aid box checklist
  • Emergency Eye wash center for Health and Safety Issue

Wages and Benefits

  • Copies of the Factories and Works regulations will be kept on site and the site safety coordinator will accept responsibility for carrying out the legislation therein. He may delegate certain aspects of the legislation in writing to his subordinate managers. minimum wage less than that required by law (must be same or higher)
  • minimum wages are not paid for all workers according to their grade (Bangladesh)
  • workers have been downgraded after a raise in minimum wage levels (Bangladesh)
  • OT wage not paid as per law for ALL workers
  • OT not paid for all days and workers e.g. on weekends and holidays
  • not all workers are entitled to OT and be paid OT
  • manual time card used as time keeping system, should be computerized
  • hardcopies of time card records should be available in case server goes down and records are not available during the audit
  • – factory does not maintain copy of wage records of contracted security guards for wage verification
  • not all workers are paid according to law, e.g. cleaners
  • deductions (e.g. absence) not made from basic salary (divided by 30 days rather than e.g. 26 days) but from gross salary affecting allowances such as medical, house and rent (Bangladesh)
  • monetary fines used to discipline workers e.g. for late coming, playing cards, drinking on site
  • workers are not well aware of earned leave benefit, OT rate etc.
  • annual leave is not provided to all workers (e.g. piece rate workers are not getting paid leave)
  • in case of absent deduction from pay, factory divides basic salary by 26 days instead of 30 days
  • absenteeism includes weekly holiday and factory deducts 1 whole day for ½ day absence
  • weekly holiday included in sick or casual leave
  • sick & casual leave are difficult to get by the workers as no proper procedure in place
  • factory did not allow more than 2 days of casual leave and in cases added earned leave to it
  • in case of maternity leave, factory does not mention the leave duration date (starting and ending date of leave) in leave application or in leave register.
  • factory does not give 7 days paid paternity leave for husbands (China)
  • no compensatory wage paid for piece rate workers for statutory holidays
  • factory did not provide 12 months of payrolls
  • factory is not providing contract letters with employment conditions to workers prior to employment incl. working hours
  • worker’s grade and salary breakdown not maintained in salary sheet and appointment letter
  • worker’s contracts do not state termination conditions, working hour, OT compensation, leave information, salary grade
  • workers do not get copy of their contract
  • OT allowance payment for weekend day work and OT payment on other days not in writing, e.g. not mentioned in pay slip, salary sheet, contract and/or factory regulations.
  • workers don’t receive detailed pay slips that include regular working hours, OT and excessive OT or don’t receive pay slips at all
  • counter copy of wage slip does not mention OT hours
  • insufficient coverage of social insurance, such as pension, medical, maternity, unemployment and industry injury insurance (to cover all employees)
  • group insurance has expired

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