Industrial Engineering Software

World first web based drag and drop Garments Industrial Engineering Software online visual planning board for Garment Industries. This module is optimized for the research and development planner who want to know everything about the orders execution. Please contact us by submitting a comment below on Leave a Reply box.  For any queries, please Contact Us.

Feature of IE ERP Software

After data entry in Production Planning and Production Scheduling Software  module we need to start IE ERP module.

  • The System is the ultimate in time standard.
  • The System is the ultimate worker assessment solution
  • The System is the ultimate line balancing solution with Real Life Line Balancing
  • The System is ultimate in Thread Consumption
  • To Standardize Operation
  • To Standardize Style Operation Breakdown
  • To Standardize Worker Recruitment Procedure
  • Thread Consumption
  • To Standardize Worker Assessment Procedure
  • To Standardize Product Costing
  • To Improve Productivity
  • To Improve Profitability
  • To Improve Worker Satisfaction
  • To Improve Communication
  • To Improve Competitiveness
  • To Anticipate Absenteeism with Real Life Update of Skill Inventory
  • To Anticipate Loss of Productivity by Real Life Balancing

Functions of IE ERP Software

  • Sewing Line space,
  • Factory Total capacity,
  • Free total minutes for Industrial Engineering Software,
  • TNA event management status,
  • Material Reports and Status,
  • Real time production status
  • Sync Supply Chain Delivery for Fabric
  • Sync Supply Chain Delivery for Print
  • Sync Supply Chain Delivery for Embroidery
  • Sync Supply Chain Delivery for Wash etc just for clicking!
  • Reducing Worker Overtimes
  • Utilizing Manpower Properly


Garments Industrial Engineering Software is the methods management system & this ERP software is a Predetermined Motion Time System which is designed specifically for the sewn products industry. Garments Industrial Engineering ERP Software primary function is to rationalize garment manufacturing methods and to produce an accurate evaluation of the time required to perform a specific task and operation. Garments Industrial Engineering ERP Software consists of three parts the inherent Database itself, which forms the heart and integrity of the system the , Data Process Which Process All The Calculation To Enhance the data processing and Garments Industrial Engineering ERP Software for Windows software, which is the vehicle that drives the data