Head of Sales Job Description. Digital Sales

Head of sales job description

Head of sales job description – We sale CRM Manager. Buyer and Client Management Systems Software and CRM Contact Management System and CRM Integration Free

  • Support customers in development of the deal process and other required assistance.
  • Scheduling, monitoring & keeping different records of the customers at the office.
  • Provide administrative support to sales team and render quality service to customers.
  • Attending clients needs, concerns, complaints and make sure that they are appropriately pursued the organization rules and regulation.
  • Collecting & Sorting Client Quarry.
  • Develop & manage of marketing plans for all customer segments.
  • Follow up the Priority based client.
  • Necessary paper work to support the client.
  • Daily report to top management.
  • Additional Responsibilities may apply upon capacity.
  • Handle a wide variety of executive tasks
  • Coordinate with all Departments/Divisions on administrative support functions
  • Responsible for official correspondence, systematic file management, interaction with client.
  • Oversee the handling of incoming & outgoing parcels, distribution of mail packages etc
  • Follow up on administrative procurement functions including stationeries and equipments, as per office requirements
  • General office administration, support organizational and staff management
  • Maintain accounts related transactions
  • Handle petty cash and maintain day to day accounts transaction system;
  • Miscellaneous duties, as assigned
  • Lead the team of corporate marketing personnel efficiently to attract more customers.
  • Monitoring & motivate corporate marketing team & clients.
  • Develop mutual relationship with corporate clients.
  • Prepare and submit timely and accurate reports of sales activities, especially client visits/calls.
  • Record sales and order information and report the same to the sales department.

Digital Sales

IT WOULD be wonderful if Bangladesh could be transformed into a modern, technologically advanced and prosperous country by 2021, the 50th anniversary of our independence. It is a long term and ambitious objective that is definitely attainable if we can provide modern and appropriate education and training to our young generation, make research and innovation the major focus of our higher education sector, and use science and technology as the major tool for meeting our development goals. Without these, Vision 2021 and “Digital Bangladesh” will be no more than mere election slogans.

Emphasis on “Digital Bangladesh” is correct, as there is a strong correlation between economic and social development of a country and its proficiency in science and technology. If the ultimate objective is the realization of Vision 2021 then there has to be sustained support of science and technology at all levels. It is, therefore, mystifying that the Science and Technology portfolio has not even merited elevation to cabinet level.

For modernization and attainment of self-sufficiency by 2021, the major challenges for Bangladesh are poverty reduction and sustainable development, but neither of these are possible without a very strong science and technology base underpinned by excellence in education at all levels and a well-trained work

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