Generator Protection and Metering system

Seal the penetrations using appropriate fire rated material and the cables are not stressed while in touch of concrete. Provide cable ladder or tray to support and protect the cables. Use steel or PVC conduit or cable tray with cover to ensure the mechanical protection of the cables laid   on   floor   otherwise   cable   insulation   may damage  due  to  falling  object  or  stepping  of occupants onto it.

Sl. No.Description of GeneratorProtection  Devices


Generator CATTER  PILLER , Model: C1558635

Color code should be maintained as per standard


i.e. Red, Yellow and Blue colors for phases; Black
for neutral and Green for earthing. Panels including
its  door  should  be  earthed  with  better  earth

Adjustable MCCB, Electronic Control Module EM66CP4.2, ACB and Grounding.

Coolant Temperature sensor.

2) Temperature sensor for the Air Intake Manifold.

3) Magnetic Pickup (RH side of Flywheel Housing.

4) Oil Pressure Sensor.

5) Atmospheric Pressure Sensor .

6) Primary Speed/Timing Sensor.

7) Secondary Speed/Timing Sensor. 8) Air Inlet Manifold Pressure Sensor.


Generator CATTER  PILLER , Model:GEP700-1

Install   steel   or   PVC   conduit   to   ensure   the
mechanical  protection  of  the  cables  laid  below
working   table   otherwise   cable   insulation   maydamage.Adjustable MCCB, Electronic Control Module WIZ33ARD1.0, ACB and Grounding.


Coolant Temperature sensor.

Temperature sensor for the Air Intake Manifold.

Magnetic Pickup (RH side of Flywheel Housing.

4)   Oil Pressure Sensor.

5)   Atmospheric Pressure Sensor.

6)   Primary Speed/Timing Sensor.

7)   Secondary Speed/Timing Sensor.

8)   Air Inlet Manifold Pressure Sensor.

Generator Protection system:

Install panel base plate and make circular hole at the base plate and install cable glands Audit ing to  the  respective  cable  size  for  cable  entry and

exit. Over Current relay, Multifunction relay and earth fault relay Controlled by Electronic control Module

ACB of LT Panel:

Including microprocessor controlled adjustable thermal overload and adjustable electromagnetic short circuit releases.

Protection of against overload with inverse long time delay trip.


Generator Protection of instantaneous short circuit with trip current threshold. Existing cable  on  concrete  floor  must  be supported  in  covered  cable  trays  or  laid  in trenches to prevent any physical damage. Metallic cover (preferably  checkered  plate)  should  be provided on the cable trench. Excess length of existing HT cables coiled near transformer or panels must be protected and laid safely.