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Digital Voltage Stabilizer Sale.Electrical Equipment

Digital Voltage Stabilizer Sale.Electrical Equipment We bought an automatic industrial voltage stabilizer, Model no: MSP-2000k 3phase, capacity: 200KVA, unit price 3,80,000.00 (Three lack eighty thousand taka only), we received this instrument date 27/05/05, we have already payment your company 3,00000.00 (three lack taka only). But now our company is facing …

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Transformer Oil Filtration and Testing Method

Transformer oil filtration PURPOSE Transformer oil filtration : In electrical system require annual analysis of transformer oil testing based on the aspect of Color, Dielectric breakdown voltage, Dissolved metals, Flash point, fire point, Interfacial tension, Liquid power factor, Oxidation inhibitor content, Polychlorinated biphenyls content, Visual examination and this type of …

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Compressed Air Technologies Engine for System of Apparel Factory

Compressed Air System for Engine

Compressed Air Technologies All Wartsila Power Plant needs compressed air the process-compressed air technologies systems are divided into two different systems: Read about  Diesel Air Compressor Starting Air System Used for starting of the engineBack up control airPressure 30 barControl Air System(also called Instrument Air)Used by pneumatically controlled components in …

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