Milling Machine Safety

To avoid Milling Machine Safety swarf becoming wrapped around the work piece use only cutting tools with a chip breaker ground in to the tool. Stop the lathe or milling machine to remove swarf with a stiff brush or wooden handle. Dispose of swarf to a closed container.

Extreme caution must be observed when changing lathe chucks or some milling machine attachments, since these are heavy. Obtain assistance or use a lifting appliance to avoid back injuries.

As with all rotating Other Machine Safety , loose fitting clothing, gloves or jewelry such as bracelets and rings should not be worn as these can easily be caught on revolving machine parts which would cause serious injury by dragging a hand or arm into moving machinery.

Handle lathe and milling cutters carefully to avoid cuts.

The use of machine and hand tools, in inexperienced or untrained hands, is a prime cause of accidents and occupational illnesses in any industry. These accidents are preventable if the operators are properly trained and equipped with the correct PE, and the safety guidelines are followed. The following procedure will define these guidelines which must be followed for work in DEC Project.

Only authorized and qualified machine operators/maintenance personnel are permitted to work on machine tools. Never operate service or adjust any machine without proper training and without first reading the instructions in the owners or manufacturers machine manual. Familiarize your self with the location of all emergency stop switches.

Milling Machine Safety Rules for Operating in Factory

Check that all machine guards and safety devices are fitted before operating any machine tools. Never tamper with or make any adjustments to manufacturers guards or safety devices.

Report all defects of Milling Machine Safety tools to your supervisor immediately once they are discovered.

Never carry cut any cleaning maintenance work while the machine is in motion. Disconnect or isolate (lockout/ tag- out) the power source to ensure the machine can not start whilst carrying out these operations.

Wait for machines to stop completely before taking measurements of Milling Machine Safety