Band Knife Cloth Cutting Machine

For  cutting various type of machine is used like, Band knife cloth cutting machine, straight Knife cutting machine, Round knife machine etc. Band saw safety rules is very important to work with band knife cloth cutting machine. Cutting Section Including  Area are – Fabric inspection area, Fabric Relaxation area, Marker making area, Fabric Spreading & Cutting area. In inspection area spirality, shrinkage test, GSM test etc is done. Fabric relaxation is done before cutting. Fabric received from textile. Heat absorbed by fabric and dimension variation is happened. Then  fabric keep at normal temperature. Fabric absorb heat from nature and regain its original relax position. Normal relax time is 12hr to 24hr but it vary for different fabric. In cutting section fabric is cutting according to marker plan. Cutting section include fabric inspection, relaxation, spreading and cutting

Objective of cutting:

  1. To cut the fabric according to marker plan.
  2. To ready the fabric for sewing.

Fabric Cutting  Procudure:

  1. Table cleaning
  2. Paper spreading
  3. Fabric spreading
  4. Tape attaching
  5. Marker spreading
  6. Cutting
  7. Stickering
  8. Bundling
  9. Cut pannel checking
  10. Ready for Sewing

Personal Band saw safety:

  • Proper personal protective equipment i.e. gloves, visors, and aprons must be used.
  • Always wait until the machine is fully stationary.
  • The knife blade band saw safety is very sharp. Be careful when working near the knife blade.
  • For maintenance work in extreme height wear safety belts to avoid fall.
  • Avoid wearing loose wears.
  • First aid equipment such as first aid kit, stretcher, and dressing material box must be stationed in the vicinity of band saw safety
  • Carefully observe announce location and operation of fire extinguishers for band saw safety.
  • Do not operate the equipment in the presence of flammable gases or fumes.

Machine band saw safety rules:

  • Switch off the machine.
  • After maintenance work always tighten released screw, nut-bolt connections.
  • Do not use compressed air on electric and electronic parts directly.
  • If one of the relay switches malfunctions machine should not be operated.
  • Conform that the voltage and phase are correct.
  • Do not use compressed air on electric and electronic parts directly.
  • Do not usually use emergency buttons to stop the machine. Use the buttons only in real emergencies.
  • Conform that the power plug is properly connected to flow up band saw safety rules
Machine band saw safety rules
Safety Rules

Daily Maintenance – Band Knife Cloth Cutting Machine:

  • Clean the whole machine.
  • Remove the knife and clean the knife slides with the slot cleaner included with machine.
  • To prevent undue accumulation of lint do not oil the plate rollers. If the rollers stick, remove them from the plate and wash them in cleaning solvent.
  • Clean and oil the guides and bearings.
  • Check the wear of the lateral and the back roller, to see if it’s necessary to replace them.
  • Check the electrical wiring system.
  • Check the motor pulley guard.
  • Check the machine pullet guard.
  • Check all the screw & nut & Bolt.

Weekly Maintenance – Band Knife Cloth Cutting Machine:

  • Check and put oil if necessary all the joints.
  • Oil level check and refill.
  • Use an approved air hose or bellows to blow any lint from around the motor and sharpener.
  • Remove the cover and clean any lint from around the screw mechanism in the sharpener.
  • Apply one drop of oil only on the specified location at tubes, shaft pulley, and belt pulley.
  • Check the motor pulley & machine pulley guard.
  • Electrical wiring should be check.

Monthly Maintenance – Band Knife Cloth Cutting Machine:

  • Carry out the daily and weekly lubrication schedules.
  • Remove the plug and insert a grease tube. Squeeze an amount of grease approximately the size of a pea into the opening.
  • Check the tightness of the operating handle to ensure a secure connection.
  • Check the sharpener and the sharpener lever sharpener belt.
  • Check the knife and if necessary change.
  • Check the bevel on both sides of the knife. Readjust if necessary.
  • Clean all the grease and dirty from the Sharpening Assembly, with compressed air, as well as from the Sharpening Motor Belt.
  • Check the wear of the sharpening belt and change them if necessary.

Process sequence in cutting quality:

  1. Fabric inspection report.
  2. Dimension test result report (shrinkage test).
  3. Shade approved checked report.
  4. Finished GSM report.
  5. Fabric relax report.
  6. Marker checked report.
  7. Color quantity shade record (Buy: H&M).
  8. Spreading quality control.
  9. Cutting quality control.
  10. Cut panel inspection report.
  11. Daily cut panel non conforming report.
  12. Collar cuff inspection report.
  13. Embroidery inspection report.
  14. Print  inspection report.
  15. Print & embroidery wash report.
  16. Precutting production meeting.

Man Power Utilization – Method One:

  • In cutting section 8 man use for 600 cm length and 176cm width lay spread.
  • Here avg.40.39 sec use for 1lay spread.
  • In spreading time cutter man cut fabric edge, gather and throughing time is avg. 18.68 sec
  • When cutter man cut fabric lay within this cutting time all worker finished their work.
  • All worker waiting avg. 9.09sec after lay giving.
  • This waiting time is  fabric gathering and throughing time for lay cutting man.
  • So 9.09 sec is non productive time for 7 worker.
  • I mean 7 worker use for lay spreading place of 8 worker.
  • Then worker can not wait for work. Non productive time will be less.
  • 1 worker will reduction in this process is possible.
Man Power Utilization – Method One
Man Power Utilization – Method One

Result: 1 man power reduce. Cost Reduction: 6000 taka  per month

Man Power Utilization – Method Two:

  • In cutting section 8 man use for manual fabric spread. And 6 man use for auto spreading.
  • When fabric is spreading by machine then workers use pipe for spread uniformly on table.
  • For using pipe less time need for spreading.
  • If we use pipe for manual method then less time required for spreading.
  • And less man power required 6 person use  place of 8 person.
  • Because 5 person use pipe for uniform spread and 1 for lay band knife cloth cutting machine.
Man Power Utilization - Method Two
Man Power Utilization – Reduction

Result: 2 man power reduce. Cost Reduce: 2*6000tk=12000tk per month

Band knife cloth cutting machine can applied for the above band saw safety rules