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Auto Garments Production Tracking System-Software

Autogarments Production Tracking System- Cutting Scan Module

Production Tracking System- Cutting Scan

Cutting scan module can be tread as part number 3 of Bundle Production Tracking System of Auto Garments Production Tracking System Software. Cutting scan module have 6 sub sections. At first we should work with Cut Production Scan sub section. Please contact us for all types of RMG software. We sale it very chief price. To buy it please Email us apparelsoftware@gmail.com, Cell# +880 1792525354

We sale all types of Garments Tracking System. e.g.

Cutting Scan Module

  1. Cut Production Scan
  2. Challan Wise Bundle
  3. Bundle Card Replace
  4. Update Cut Production
  5. Cutting Table Target
  6. Update Date Challan Wise

1. Cut Production Scan

This is starting phase of cutting scan module. After loin with Cutting User name we can get this option. Cut Production Scan is applicable only when we will generate bundle cut with Manual Bundle Card sub section. If we use Auto Scan Bundle Card, we need to go this sub section.  First we will click on Cut Production Scan.

Manual Bundle Card Scanning Process

Step-1 (Print Barcode): First we should print the barcodes on paper. see the picture below

Bundle Card Code
Figure-1: Printed Barcode Paper

Step-2 (Cut Barcodes): Then we will cut pieces by pieces above printed bundle cut. After that we will separate it serial wise. If we cut the above printed paper (Figure-1), it will be total 12 pieces of barcode sticker.

Step-3 (Pick a Barcode): Pick a barcode for scan by barcode scanner. Please look the image below for one barcode sticker  which will be scan

Separete Pieces of Bundle Cut
Figure-2:  Separate Pieces of Bundle Cut

End Step-4 (Go the Software): Now login software as cutting module and go to Cut Production Scan. It will generate a screen like below-

Bar Code Scan for Production
Figure-3: Bar Code Scan for Production

End Step-5 (Data Passed to Production)

After scan data goes to sewing production directly. In figure-2 generated a barcode –ZAB1A66A001280P. This barcode generate data according to Figure-3. Here we are showing barcode barcode breakdown-


Z = Buyer

A = Order

B = Colour

1 = Table No

A = Lor

66 = Cutting Number

001 = Bundle Number

28 = Quantity


Here, colour is hidden to keep server smooth

2. Challan Wise Bundle

It is used in sewing input

Challan Wise Bundle
Figure-4: Challan Wise Bundle

3. Bundle Card Replace

If any bundle is lost then we can replace the bundle by putting barcode in below box

Bundle Card Replace
Figure-5: Bundle Card Replace

4. Update Cut Production

We can update any barcode by inputing session ID or barcode

Barcode or SID
Figure-6: Barcode or SID


5. Cutting Table Target

6.Update Date Challan Wise



Now we will go to Print/Embroidery section if any otherwise we will go directly to sewing production section


About Engr. Kh. Mashiur Rahman

He is Garment Business ERP Consultant and Digital Marketing Consultant of several RMG factories. He is certified Echotech Garment CAD Professional-China, Aptech-India, NCC-UK and B.Sc. in CIS- London Metropolitan University, M.Sc. in ICT-UITS. He is also re-seller of several top-level Apparel ERP software companies. Contact- apparelsoftware@gmail.com, Cell# +880 1792525354

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