Importance of Supply Chain Management Study

Importance of Supply Chain Management – I would like to explain, to the best of my ability, the rationale behind my decision to study for the master program in International Logistics and Importance of Supply Chain Management at Jonkoping University, Sweden for the autumn 2016 intake. I am drawing my particulars as below for your attention and kind consideration. We provide 10 Top Supply Chain Management Software with Analysis

Buyer actively takes part in global governmental security programmes, currently in the “Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism C-TPAT” in the USA and in the “Authorized Economic Operator in Europe. I have sincerely studied a diverse range of subjects. I studied at Asian University of Bangladesh (AUB) and obtained Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in English which was four- year integrated Honors program and Master of Arts (M.A) in English one year and Master of Business Administration (MBA) majoring HRM two- year program where the medium of instruction for all these programs were fully in English. Furthermore, It may be mentioned here that I have five business research articles which have been published in different National (One article) and International (Four articles) Journal(s) on different titled. Throughout my academic life, I have enjoyed and performed very well.
The objective is to ensure minimum standards for security in the Buyer  and in its business partner’s organisation.

In respect of compliance with basic requirements to security in the supply chain and to recognition in respective existing and coming programmes, Buyer is obligated to collect and provide information about own security measures in place and also about security situation at its supplier.

I am currently working in a legendary private group of company named “ASQ Group” since 1st February 2008 to till date as a “Senior Officer, Shipping & Logistics Department”. My major job responsibilities are; to maintain all sorts of shipping & logistics related issue which to be considered as international logistics and supply chain management.

In this period, I have observed that it is impossible to reach a corporate managerial position. This is because, I have recently decided to pursue a foreign degree (Master) in International Logistics andImportance of Supply Chain Management from your University considering my present job as well as future endeavor. My trust is to study the Master program in International Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Jonkoping University colors me for a range of roles in business and career in corporate managerial level. As the university has authentic and expert teaching staff, they will help me develop the skills

For demonstration of actual standards for security in different areas at supplier’s organisation Buyer provides the following documents that are connected to this Commitment and that must be filled in by the supplier:

  1. Foreign Manufacturer Questionnaire,
  2. Supplier Assessment Questionnaire,
  3. Risk Assessment Business Partner.

The appendices comprise basic requirements to security and the predominant majority is quite naturally. In case of insufficient standards Buyer will ask for implementation of measures to reach minimum standards.

I hope university will provide me with an understanding of the business world as well as offering me a wide range of choices and connections after the completion of my program. I know the program is unique in that it offers a cross-disciplinary education, combining the core topics of logistics and supply chain management with marketing, and economic geography. I will be able to gain deep theoretical knowledge and understanding of the supply chain network and its development and be able to prepare myself for international business and career. I hope this will give me the highest levels of tuition and top-quality education. The decision to pursue a Master in International Logistics & Supply Chain Management is an important step in realizing my life ambitions.

In addition to this, with a solid grounding on my current employment history and previous academic credential, I am well-equipped to commence my Master program as well as higher studies in International Logistics & Supply Chain Management at Jonkoping University. I hope that you will analyze this piece carefully enough to offer me a place with waver of Masters in Importance of Supply Chain Management at your University, and trust that you have yet to witness the bigger picture of me.

International Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a globally recognized qualification. I strongly believe that, if I successfully complete my program, it will ensure the highest professional standard of my knowledge and skills. I also believe that, the degree will enhance my reputation, strengthen my position in the marketplace and deliver added value to my business and career. At a later step in the process Buyer will also conduct another inspection of security standards without announcement.

Buyer will analyse the responses to the documents and randomly verify supplier’s information provided during a subsequent and announced inspection. .My ultimate ambition for the future is to become an International Businessman or to hold a corporate management position in any multinational company anywhere in the world.


Thank you for your attention and kind consideration. I am looking forward to hearing your acceptance about Importance of Supply Chain Management . The goal is to establish a smooth and secure cargo flow from the place of production and shipping at the supplier up to the points of final destination at Buyer. The implementation and maintenance of appropriate measures for security will lead to recognition of Buyer and its supplier as reliable business partners and facilitate free cross border trade.