Electrician Boots Mechanics Duties
Electrician Boots Mechanics Duties

Electrician Boots Mechanics Duties and Responsibilities

Electrician Boots Mechanics

  • Electrician Boots Mechanics – Safety of operator and machine. Protective Guards should be in place. Read More about Textile & Garments Industrial Engineering ERP Software Sale
  • Periodic maintenance of machines. After the production is completed for the day, machines should be cleaned, adjusted for operation the next day.
  • Maintaining the machine complain register and performing repair and adjustments based on the order complaints received and need of the machine
  • Use protective equipments and ensuring safety of the mechanic and operator while repairing.
  • Ensure no loose, exposed or hanging wires in the factory building. All wiring must be properly concealed or insulated.
  • Ensure all electrical equipments are maintained and repaired periodically.
  • Regular, Security and Emergency Lights, bells, fire alarms, smoke detectors must be checked, maintained and repaired periodically and ensure that all the above mentioned are all in working condition at any given time.

List of Sewing Machine for Repairing by Mechanic

  • Single Needle lockstitch
  • Twin Needle chainstitch
  • Interlock ( Flat )
  • Overlock m/c- 3 Thread
  • Overlock m/c – 4 Thread
  • Overlock m/c – 5 Thread
  • Feed of the arm
  • Button attaching m/c
  • Button hole m/c
  • Bartack m/c
  • Blind stitch m/c
  • Cutting m/c ( straight Knife )
  • End cutter
  • Vacuum Table
  • Steam Iron

Electric Works Schedule

  • Boiler De scaling works. And inside Boiler Header cleaning.
  • Auto CTN machine Slitter Motor servicing works.
  • Gas Generator Servicing works.
  • Gas Generator Heat exchanger cleaning works.
  • Gas Generator Cooling tank cleaning works.
  • Cooling Tower Infill replace works.
  • Diesel Generator Servicing works.
  • All Electrical panel board cleaning & nut bolt tight works.
  • All air compressor servicing works. Specially Poly compressor
  • All Manual and Auto machine Greasing works.
  • Gas main air filters servicing works.
  • Manual Ctn Gas line Installation.
  • Substations HT switch Gear setup works.
  • Auto corrugation hanger gear motor check.
  • Auto double facer gear oil check
  • Auto printing machine servicing.
  • Manual CTN all machine Painting works.
  • Manual/Auto/Poly machinery Earth connection.
  • Poly compressor Motor change.
  • Poly compressor panel wall setting.
  • Manual CTN floor panel setting works.
  • Panel Cooling Fan setting works.
  • Manual CTN china Hanger Anchoring works.
  • All Machines will be Earth connection as per BNBC rules.
  • Delta Auto CTN machine setup works.

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