Security Guard Card Policy in a Private Industry

Security Guard Card

Security Guard Card – Partner/Subcontractor shall request the Security Officer to issue the security 1.0 card for their employees by means of permanent security pass application. Unauthorized people are not allowed. Employees are encouraged not to bring unnecessary personnel items such as bags, note books etc.  Security patrol service will ensure this policy is followed by all employees in the factory. Supervisors in the production area will also encourage employees to follow the above. …

  • Each and every security personnel have to present in front of their shift in charge 15 (fifteen) minutes before of their scheduled duty hour with proper uniform. Every employee of the company is provided with an identity card. They are requested to oblige by the company policy to display it throughout the time when they are at the facility. Your Identity card and its color show your designation and your area of work and it is convenient for management to identify you at times of emergency and maintain control. Employees are also requested to remain in the same floor as, designated and maintain discipline The Security Office shall make access to electronic date base to find out that applicants both for permanent and temporary 1.0 card have successfully completed AUTO HSE Induction. 1.0 card will be issued only to those who passed the induction. In the interests of both safety and security, the number of vehicles permitted entry onto the work site shall be minimized.
  • This shall be achieved by the use of vehicle passes, which shall be approved by the Security Manager or Administration Manager only after receiving full insurance details of the vehicles in question.
  • Breaches of any work site rules and regulations relating to vehicles on the project may result in suspension or confiscation of the pass. The latter shall be issued by the Security Officer, and shall be liable to suspension or confiscation should the driver in question break any work site rules or regulations
  • Only drivers possessing an appropriate national driving qualification and a driving permit shall be allowed to drive on the work site.
  • Employees are not allowed to go out of the factory during working hours or enter the factory hours without proper authorization of the designated supervisor and approval from the personnel department. A gate pass is issued by the designated A.P.M for the employee other than the break time like lunch hour. The employee must provide the gate pass to the personnel department for approval. Only the vehicles/equipment possessing an appropriate vehicle pass shall be allowed to drive into the site.
  • All vehicles entering and exiting the site may be subject to a security search by the guards.
  • Partner/Subcontractor shall ensure that all of their employees understand the requirements for such searches, and shall request their assistance in this respect.
  • Physical Search is discouraged. However, keeping in view the security concerns and to contain pilferage of materials or prevention of bringing in any hazardous or unwanted materials one can be subjected to physical search in case of suspicion. Female employees will be checked by female checkers and similarly male checkers will check the male employee.
  • Visitors are welcomed. Please be kind enough to show your identity at the reception desk and provide the name of the person you want to meet. Please sign in the designated “Visitor’s Log Book” and our security personnel will escort you to the person you want to meet. You will be given a “Visitor’s Identity Card” and you are requested to display it at all time during your stay and return it at the reception desk upon your departure. Inside the premises a visitor needs to be escorted by an official from the factory at all time. Visitors are not allowed to take photographs in the production area unless authorized and accompanied by the Production Manager, Manager Administration, General Manager or any other top management personnel A permanent Security Guard Card will be issued out to the applicant within 24 hours at the security office.
  • Incorrect application will be returned to the employer of the applicant for reprocessing.
  • A temporary security 1.0 card with validity of 30 days will be issued no late than 48 hours from the date, on which the application is receive, provided the applicants have completed AUTO HSE Induction and the application meets the requirements i.e. correct, accurate, and complete in every aspect.
  • Loading and Unloading is done by Transport Company. An identity card or badge or list of names is provided for security reasons and to identify and authorize them to carry out the work. A personal file for Transport Company Authorized People designated for loading and unloading of cargo are kept with the Personnel Department. A background check is performed through the concerned authority. Security Guards, Store In Charge and Export In Charge wherever applicable will ensure and maintain control of the movement of these people inside the premises and make note that they do not go to areas other than authorized for. , which shall identify those persons who have previously been refused access to the work site.
  • Partner/Subcontractor shall maintain a current database of all personnel employed by themselves and their lower tier subcontractors on the project, against pass numbers, and shall submit listings to AUTO Security Officer on a daily basis.
  • A monthly check will be implemented on ongoing temporary pass holders to expedite transfer to permanent Security Guard Card
  • Partner/Subcontractor shall ensure the return of all invalid passes and those pass relating to termination of employment to the Security Officer.
  • All personnel shall wear the issued 1.0 card of any type at all times on the work site and to make it readily available for inspection by security personnel whenever required.
  • The 1.0 cards shall be color coded and number to further differentiate AUTO , the Company and Partner/Subcontractor on the work site.


Security Guard Card – Loss or damage to an Security Guard Cardshall be immediately reported through the bearer’s employer to AUTO Security Officer and, where applicable, approval for a replacement issue gives.

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