Guard Security
Guard Security Job Responsibility

Guard Security Job Responsibility and Duty

Guard Security

Guard Security – Any guard who discovers a fire shall first try to put it out with an extinguisher available nearby or by other suitable means, then call help to his fellow guards or other persons. If the fire is uncontrollable, he shall immediately inform the Security Officer of further actions…

  • No materials/equipments are permitted to go out side without gate pass from competent authority. Represent the management and work with Welfare officer to ensure that workers are ensured of their rights, privileges, benefits and services as promised by the company and documented on the workers handbook They shall report directly to the Security Officer who shall rotate their locations on a regular basis and shall maintain a firm, calm and courteous in enforcing the rules as to command respect, thereby contributing to the public image of not only the guards themselves but also the organization behind them.
  • Need Security Guard Card Policy in a Private Industry
  • For being respect to be stand always to see the higher authority. Ensure that company policies are followed by all
  • To hire, terminate, promote or demote workers and staff as per the applicable law.
  • In the beginning of any telephonic or direct conversation with senior they have to salam (incase of face to face) first. The guards shall keep themselves in clean and neat and be competent to perform their duties by implementing the following;
  • Check conformance to project requirements concerning security passes, in relation to both personnel and vehicles entering the project at all accesses/egresses to site.
  • Perform announced or unannounced audits to ensure that all the policies and procedures of the company are in practice. Explain all applicable HSE and security rules to the visitors.
  • They must follow the security procedure in every case. Inform applicable persons or offices of the arrival of a visitor, vehicle and/or equipment and issue a temporary pass. Keep records of all visitors, vehicles and equipment daily submit to the Security Officer.
  • They will also talk to the workers respectfully. They will be self controlled in every situation. Patrol and observe those areas to which they have been assigned.
  • Check integrity of buildings, sensitive areas, and fence lines during and after regular work hours.
  • If any worker is guilty for theft or any other criminal activities he should not be punished by any security personnel nor should he be abused. The guilty person should be handed over to the administration. The administration will take legal action against him. Assist in the control of traffic.
  • Conduct searches of all vehicles entering and exiting the Project. Interrogate individuals entering or leaving the site, if necessary.
  • Check Material Passes and Waste Manifests against contents in the vehicle.
  • Respond to alarm signals (fire alarms or other danger signals) and participate in the emergency response procedures and emergency response team training and activities.
  • Communicate adequately with the shift oncoming to ensure smooth turn over nd to facilitate execution of the duties.
  • In case of vague or complexity shows in practice of security procedure is required to consult with manager Enforce the Company/Contractor rules and regulation regarding security.
  • Maintain a control system for locks and keys used for the Company and the Contractor property.
  • Make routine or special reports, as prescribed, concerning designated matters and unusual circumstances.
  • No eating, smoking and reading while on duty. Such is only allowed at the designated time and places during rest periods.
  • (admin).In absence of manager (admin) problem will be solved by other’s of admin department. Never alter work-timing roster unless authorized by the Security Officer.
  • Never resort to violence to solve any problems.
  • Any guards who find thieves shall take all efforts to stop, arrest or drive away thieves. An immediate report to the Security Officer of the case shall be made for his decision for further actions. Upon the receipt of such information, the Security Officer shall take prompt actions to effectively handle the situation.
  • In the event of a quarrel or other troubles, the guards shall immediately intervene to pacify the matter. An immediate report shall be made to the Security Officer for necessary actions. The Security Officer shall investigate the reasons of quarrel or trouble and report to the Contractor Administration Manager.


Guard Security – Any guard who witnesses an incident shall make an immediate report to HSE personnel or construction supervisor. If injury is serious, inform the First Aid for medical help. The scene of incident shall be immediately secured to prevent unauthorized entry to preserve evidences for further investigation.

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