Security Guard Management System
Security Guard Management System

Security Guard Management System and Information

Security Guard Management Security

Security Guard Management – This security management plan shall define measures to be in place during the construction and commissioning phases of the project. The plan shall specify the minimum-security requirements applicable to the protection of employees, property and the workplace in all 8MI operations, and elsewhere in connection with the execution of the project. The plan shall apply to all premises controlled by the 8MI during the construction and commissioning phases, and all persons accessing such premises during these phases. Reporting directly to the Project Manager, he shall; …

Security Training and Threat Awareness:

  • All employees are highly encouraged to report any security related anomalies or any discrepancies or any illegal activities to your Supervisor or the Floor In Charge in person.
  • Need Security Guard Card Policy in a Private Industry
  • If your concern is not addressed then you are encouraged to report to the Security officer or Administration Manager or General Manager either through the complain or suggestion box or in person. The suggestion box is located in the ground floor in an easily accessible location. Manage, review and develop the security operation to ensure that it fulfils project requirements.(e.g. install electronic entry system as soon as possible)
  • If you prefer your identity not to be disclosed, your identity will not be revealed during the investigation process and awards will be given if specific charges can be proved.Prepare security procedures and associated documentation necessary to fulfill the purpose of this security plan.
  • Periodic audits will be performed from time to time to test the security procedures in practice and check its performance and asses the potential gap and areas of improvemen Ensure that the security resources are adequate to cover all project needs and site security operations reflect the requirements of the project.
  • Liaise with construction Partner/Subcontractor security management.
  • Ensure that appropriate Contractor and the Company staff are made aware of all security issues.
  • We pledge all our employees to maintain respect and adhere to the employer and employee confidentiality and not to disclose any information regarding the company to any outsider. We expect our employees to respect company’s privacy and sensitive information and not to disclose any information to the outsiders.Make a report without delay to the Project Manager when any security irregularities or breaches or incident have taken place.
  • Be held accountable for all undesired losses sustained on the project.
  • Ensure that this security plan and organization is established, and its derivative programme, procedures and work practices are implemented to provide adequate and continuous security coverage to maintain the peace of the project.
  • Communicate with local and governmental law enforcement bodies and security organizations in accordance with both legislative and the Company requirements.
  • The management of Auto  Garments & Textiles Ltd with the cooperation from its valued employees wants to ensure the safety and security of all employees that work here, all things that are procured and produced at the factory and all the information related to it. Evaluate the performance of the security organization and personnel.
  • Periodic training sessions will be conducted by Manager Administration, Security Officer, Production Manager, Floor Managers and Supervisors to teach and train employees about the above mentioned basic security requirements of the company. Ensure that all agreed recommendations arising from investigations into theft, sabotage; unauthorized entries etc. are closed out.


Security Guard Management – The plan shall not apply to the Company facilities outside the worksite, where instead, arrangements and controls as determined by the Company, shall be applicable.

The plan details the criteria according to which the duties of all concerned and/or personnel are to be carried out security controls and services.

This plan is based on the assumption that all of the security fencing and temporary gates are installed. Until such fencing and gates are installed, early site security arrangements will be separately established.

We will work together to ensure safety of man, material and information at Auto  Garments & Textiles Ltd. It shall be reviewed on an ongoing basis to reflect changes in work scope, knowledge or other relevant circumstances, so as to ensure the achievement of its objectives.

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