Security Development
Security Development Step by Step Process

Security Development Step by Step Process

Security Development

Security Development -The security assessment carried out on 24 April 2008, clearly depicts some distinct security guard which must be mended as soon as possible. As some problem may take some time to be fixed as such a sixth monthly module is hereby being created to bridge the deficiencies and make the security…

  • By the end of May 2008, letter will be sent to the home address of all workers for Police Verification. Sufficient lighting is arranged in the loading and un-loading areas to prevent un-authorized activities.
  • Within the month of May letters will be to the home address of all staffs for Police Verification.
  • A proper system of retrieval of access control items from lefty workers. Private parking area will be separated from loading and un-loading areas by means of physical barrier if necessary.
  • Intruder detection system will have to be developed in many way where by any instruction can  be detection.
  • By the end of Jun 2008, those of who could not be verified with background checks will be completed.
  • Security personnel will be posted in all restricted areas and prevent un-authorized entry into packing areas, stores, finished goods area and loading /un-loading areas. Employee orientation on all security matters will be completed.
  • Perimeter security to be made more effective by enhancing number of security patrols.
  • ISO Bolt Seal 17762 will be introduced for all shipment purpose. Adequate security will be posted covering the entire factory premises to prevent un-lawful entry and damaged of the factory property.
  • By the end of July2008, all remaining workers pr staff whose background check couldn’t be completed will be complete.
  • Car Parking Area to be extended and made bigger.
  • Number of CCTV to be increased and all entry/exit points to be covered.
  • Background check of contractors will be verified for correctness.
  • Background Check of all remaining workers and staff will be completed.
  • Background Check of the forwarders will be conducted.
  • Port Security will be evaluated. Security personnel will be posted at all entry / exit points to verify identity and un-lawful entry into the premise.
  • CCTV will be increased to include all production floors.
  • Background check of all remaining staff and workers will be completed.
  • Flammable, toxic, dangerous chemicals will be stored in a separate and secure place of the building and all precaution will be taken for appropriate storage stop pilferage /misuse. Number of CCTV will be enhanced to include all stores.
  • New workers orientation to be reviewed to include new aspects of security.
  • Background check of all employees which could not be done will be completed.
  • Security Development- A detailed assessment will be done to review the position of security standard then. Packing and finished goods area will be segregated from the rest of the working floor by means of physical barrier and will be restricted from easy access.

More Duties

Upon closer of the factory, representative of security section, electric unit, HR personnel and working floor will be check jointly and ensure all lights, fans, electrical mains/circuits/switches switched off, water taps and doors locked and sealed.

  • Separeted  Employees Log
  • ID  Card Issue  Log
  • ID  Card Replacement  /Re-Issue Log
  • ID Card Return Log
  • Factory Opening & Closing Log
  • Short Leave /Gate Pass Log
  • Shortage/Overage Reporting Log
  • Employees Movement Log
  • Container /Covered Van Inspection Log
  • Export Register
  • Seal/Lock Usage Log
  • CCTV Monitoring Log
  • Visitor,s Vehicle Checking Log   
  • Incoming Mail / Parcel Checking  Log
  • Employee,s  Late  Entry  Log
  • Visitor,s Log
  • Vehicles  In/  Out Register
  • Key Received And Return                                                                                                                    
  • Security Patrol Duty Register

Factory Security Assessment

Factory will installed security arch or commission hand held battery operated metal detector at the entrance of building to monitor entry of un authorized materials by worker / staff and visitors.

  • The intrusion detection or alarm system has back-up power and is tested regularly.
  • A record is maintained of employee access to keys, cards or codes.
  • Facility utilizes card or code activated locking devices to protect controlled areas?
  • Keys / cards are returned or codes are changed when an employee leaves the company?
  • Procedures exist to immediately terminate existing physical areas when an employee terminates employment or transfers to another position?
  • Management is provided with a current list of all employee access privileges on a monthly basis?
  • All facility buildings are constructed of materials that prevent unlawful entry and are kept in good repair?
  • There is a policy that requires that all security procedures are documented?
  • The facility has a security department / personnel?
  • There is a designated security chief at the facility?
  • An appointed official is responsible for facility, employees and transport security?
  • An appointed facility official is responsible for security audits for evaluations?
  • A facility security plan is developed and is reviewed / updated semi – annually?
  • A site security assessment is conducted quarterly to identify vulnerabilities and necessary corrective actions?
  • Personnel security procedures are written and evaluated quarterly?
  • Personnel security procedures are evaluated in response to security failures?
  • Personnel security requirements apply to contracting temporary and part time employees?
  • Employment applications are required for all applicants?
  • The security will have only access to perimeter lighting switch box as well as external door alarm system. All applicants are interviewed?
  • When allowed by law, background checks are conducted on all applicants?
  • Applicant background check includes employment history, reference check and criminal records check?
  • The applicant’s examined identification includes a national ID and Birth Certificates?
  • When allowed by law, background checks are updated on all employees?
  • A permanent personnel file is maintained for each employee with the employee’s name, date of birth, and a national ID number?
  • Checks will be made on alternate days for damaged /broken identification of perimeters walls, building, doors and windows by security personnel and report to the management. The facility retains a copy of the employee’s official identification?
  • A facility issued a photo-badge is required for employee access?
  • Issue of employee identification is centralized and controlled by a specific dept. and restricted to limited authorized employees?
  • Procedures are used to retrieve an employee ID and / or deactivate access as needed?
  • Lost IDs are recorded as missing before replacement and security staff informed?
  • A specific color coded ID is required to access restricted areas
  • Security guards monitor access to facility restricted areas?
  • New employee orientation includes confirming that anytime onsite the facility requires wearing an ID badge?
  • New employee orientation includes undefined persons, breach of computer security and internal conspiracies?
  • New employees are asked to report compromised to security infrastructure such as broken locks, windows and facility structure?
  • The facility has a documented security awareness program in place for all employees to include training participation?
  • Employees are encouraged to report irregularities, suspicious activity and security violations through an incentive program?
  • Security procedures are publicized throughout the facility on posters and bulletin boards?
  • Duty roster of all security personnel will be prepared for 24 hours a day covering all entry /exit points and entire compound and approved by the management. The facility of Security Developmenthas an intrusion detection ( or alarm system?

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