Industrial Sandblaster

Industrial Sandblaster is used for removing the color from garments sand is directly hit on the garments surface by air pressure. Then color is cut from surface. But now a day’s buyer is not approved this process due to environment & health harm full. This is the process that also applied for removing the color. This process is done by air flow gun with the help of sand. The high pressure sand is applied on the garments specific area and color will reduce. But this process has some disadvantages so that this process is banned. This process is done at dry condition of garments.

What is Washing?

Normally we know about washing is cleaning. But in textile world washing carry a wide meaning. Now a day’s washing carry an important role in this section. If you can make garments easily but you cannot give the proper look without washing. In textile language washing means making shade, dry process, dyeing and so many processes according to requirement.

Depending on shade we washed the garments as dark wash, medium wash and light wash. To achieve this shade we know about enzyme wash, enzyme bleached, garments wash, silicon wash, acid wash, rinse wash, tie/bag wash, sand wash etc.

In the washing process we used so many dry processes also this dry process actually applied on denim garments. We know this process as whisker, hand sand, sand blasting, pp spray, grinding, tagging, crease mark, crinkle, 3D crinkle, bleached spot, pp spot, seam marking, pocket marking etc.

At first based on one standard we go for development. If the development sample is ok then it will approved. Finally we start bulk wash based on standard. This section is very important part garments trade. Now a day’s we cannot think a nice garments without washing process.

There are two kinds of process: —-

  1. A) Wet process and
  2. B) Dry process in washing machine

Sand Blasting Feature

Effect: To give certain areas a fade-out look.

What is Sand Blasting Machine? What is Washing?
Sand Blasting Machine

Process:  A mechanical process done by spraying aluminum oxide or sand on the garment with high pressure.

Advantages: Can be done on stitched areas like over pockets for example.

Disadvantages: On denim the fade out look can look flat. The reason is that due to the high pressure the sand comes in between the twill lines and fades the color there too.