What is Sand Machine ?

It is not sand machine actually it is dummy garments are covered on dummy. Then take air pressure and process have done .We have to take proper  air pressure , otherwise crease mark will come .

Hand sand is very important dry process now a day’s .This process is done at dry condition. For remove the color from specific area. Maximum garments we have to do this process because sand blasting is now banned. It is done by manually with abrasive paper on specific area. At first we have to making the garments then put on dummy and scrapped. After this process quality checked done and go for first wash.

Sand wash:

Effect: To get an all over faded, worn look and hairy surface on the garments.
Is used on light weight twill, canvas and poplin.

Process: A chemical is added in the washing machine, and wash is done in high temperature.
Though the name is sand wash, no sand is used in this process.

Advantages: You will get little hairy surface for softer hand feel and for look.

Disadvantages: The result will be too hairy on some fabrics.

Different between sand blasting & hand sand

This process is done by gun with the help of air flow.This process is done by manually with the help of abrasive paper.
Metal can be found sometimes.No possibilities to found metal.
Process is faster.Process is lengthy.
Harmful of environment.No harmful of environment
Production high.Production slow.
Evenness on surface.Sometimes uneven.
Easy to controlDifficult to control.


Whisker is most important dry process for denim garments. Whisker is done making a pattern and put on the garments then remove color from pattern area. After wash we can see the pattern mark. It is one kind of design on garments.


Effect: To get a worn effect at for example crotch, hollow of the knees (back knees)
on trousers and elbow joint on jackets.

Process: Often made manually by sandpaper or with sandblast using a template.
Another method of doing this effect is to use laser (see A8).

Advantages: Its hand made, so it looks natural and different from garment
to garment, as oppose to laser. It is also cheaper than laser in countries
with low labor cost.

Disadvantages: Since it is handmade the look can be too uneven from
garment to garment and result in rejections.


Whisker are two types depends on process :

Manual whisker :   This whisker is done by manually with the help of pattern. On denim garments have done it by abrasive paper.

Laser whisker :   This whisker is done by laser machine. First time we have to make design in the Photoshop illustrator then it insert into laser machine and fix the intensity and impose on the garments according to marking and burn the indigo.

Sand Machine

After wash the burned indigo will remove and whisker will see. This whisker production is more but the tint absorb is uneven. Sand Machine is very complex machine