Hand scraping and Sand brushing Machine

Effect: To give certain areas a fade-out look. Same effect as sandblast (A1), but you get a different appearance on denim. The faded area will look less flat, and the slubs in the fabric will become more visible then when sandblasting is done.

Process: By hand scraping on the garment with sand paper.

Advantages: Better contrast than sandblast  (see above under effect).

Disadvantages: There is a bigger risk of getting broken stitches at for example back pockets compared to sand blasting.

Service Skill Ness:

Hear I Responsible For I handled hear how to increase the Strength of different weight denim (tearing & tensile)  How to perfectly , Washing, dyeing and tinting, toping, toning, with reactive dye direct dye, pigment dye, etc.

Washing Job Responsibility

  • Making Recipe For all type of Garment dyeing, including various Wet Process.
  • Costing for all type of Wet, Dry Process& Garment Dyeing.
  • Able to Solve Critical Testing using Like Color Fastness to crooking, Color fastness to light, Color fastness to actual laundering, Tearing Strength Formal- dehydrates, Azo free, flammability, P.H etc.
  • Able To handle & Satisfy customer by achieving critical wash as Required by the customer
  • Production planning
  • Shade checking & Make Decision
  • Look after the admin & management section.
  • Observe the different kinds chemical.
  • Admin & Social compliance.
  • To motivate the worker & handle workers & stuffs


  • Sand blasting & Hand brushing
  • Wrinkle free & Crinkle
  • Pressing & Tagging.
  • Pigment spray.
  • Grinding & Scraping
  • I can also handled Color fastness to crocking color fastness to ozone, over different fabrics like as Denim, Canvas, herringbone, Bedford Cord, twill, I have also handled different test like Formaldehaydred,flammability, azo free dimensional stability test et
  • I am working above different type of chemicals like as Sandopan dtc, bio-de, Anti -stain Pc, Sand clear, Sando Fix, Pocket clear BelpasinNOF etc.
  • I have Experience to work with different type of enzyme (acid & neutral) like as BactosolCA, G-ZymeHel, NutrexNBL, Enzyme, SWGR, Denimax-Lt-35, Denimax-1000-L, Bio-polish, Enzyme–SL. Genzyme-200 etc.
  • I have also work with different type of softener (Cationic& Nonionic)work with ant ozone Leomna,fk,P-soft Zylon, NS Ceranine HCS, N-soft, Velvetol-8  , OZK, Micro emulsion.

Extra duties to have done

Office management, Staff management, keeping overall control top to bottom of the washing operation report to the management Compliance with labors law.

 Handled buyer

Lives, Sears, Next, Jordache, Sainsbury, M & S, J.CP, Wall-mart, H&M, Celio, PVH, Charming shoppers (C.S.I), Gap, Mervyn’s,  kohl’s, Itocho, Zara, A.M.C, Golden Penny, synergies, Mothers Works, Periscope, Goodies, C&A, etc.

Sand Wash

Effect: To get an all over faded, worn look and hairy surface on the garments.
A chemical is added in the washing machine, and wash is done in high temperature.
Though the name is sand wash, no sand is used in this process.

Advantages: You will get little hairy surface for softer hand feel and for look.

Disadvantages: The result will be too hairy on some fabrics. Hand Scraping and Sand Brushing Machine is used in washing factory