Raw Material Sourcing and Receiving Standard Process
Raw Material Sourcing and Receiving Standard Process

Raw Material Sourcing and Receiving Standard Process

Raw Material Sourcing

Raw Material Sourcing – One copy of purchase order / Proforma Invoice (P.I) must be sent to the   store authority which must be match with Buyer’s order sheet.

  • The purchasing goods to be checked at the gate during arrival to the factory by the security personnel.
  • The goods must be checked as per challan by the security personnel and that is to be informed to the store authority for being realization about the arrival goods are pAuto r noticed or not.
  • After checking by the security personnel it is required to take permission from Admin authority for entrance the cargo vehicles.
  • According to production requirements supervisor will make a requisition slip.
  • The requisition must be placed to the production manager / Asst. Production Manager or competent authority who will give the permission after verifying of requirements.
  • All entrance gate, building, goods receiving and loading area, parking area, packing section will be monitored and observed by C.C TV system.
  •  Minimum 45 days record will be preserved by D.V.R.
  • The recorded cassette will be preserved for minimum 6 month for requirements.
  • This C.C TV system will be controlled by one well trained security inspector under security in-charge by the guidance of the admin manager.
  • Previous incidents or occurrence will be detected by the recorded cassette. 
  • After ensuring production manager’s / APM or competent authority the Raw Material Sourcing to be supplied as per requisition by the store authority.
  • Store authority must follow up & required to ensure about the utilization of goods.
  • The cargo vehicle is to be escorted to the predetermined unloaded area where the goods to be unloaded with the presence of store authority.
  • Store authority must check the goods according to Proforma Invoice (P.I) and to be stored properly in a secured place.

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Raw Material Sourcing store authority must maintain a register for received goods according to details information like supplier name, quantity, date of receiving, place of stored, name of goods etc.

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