Mixture of Organic Acids and Composition in Textile

The sequence for normal wash Process for Mixture of Organic Acids and Composition in Textile is as follows:
  1. Take water in bath at required level
  2. Load garment in the machine
  3. Circulate the garment and the temperature remain normal
  4. Continue circulating the garments for 5 minutes
  5. Rinse and Drain
  6. Unload the garments
  7. Load the garments in the hydro extractor
  8. From hydro extractor, send the garments to the dryer
Composition Mixture of organic acids.
APPEARANCE Colorless, clear liquid.
SOLUBILITY Soluble with water.
PROPERTIES It prevents the removed substances from precipitating back again on the fabric during scouring and post – bleaching washing processes due to its ability of complex formation with earth alkaline metal ions. Thus, a better whiteness and hydrophility is obtained in cotton bleaching process.It is a very effective complexing agent, which prevents the formation of precipitations due to water hardness and heat in wet mediums.It is an efficient chelating agent for alkaline earth- and heavy metal ions. The built chelates are stable up to boiling temperature and even in strong alkaline mediaCompatible with optical brighteners.  
APPLICATION Application quantity depends on the amount of heavy metal ions and hardness levels in the medium.    Scouring process: 1-3 g/l ESOQUEST F100    Dyeing process:     0,5-1 g/l ESOQUEST F100    Peroxide bleaching: 0,5-2 g/l ESOQUEST F100
STORAGE During storage the lid of the container should be kept closed. It should be protected from extreme cold and heat. In its original container and at room temperature the storage life is 6 months.
PACKING 60 kg plastic drum In addition to the working time of employees involved in the project, no extra costs are associated with this option. The measure will help you to identify “low-hanging” improvement options, which can be realised at a low cost and allow large reductions of your environmental impacts.
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