What is Internal Conspiracy and External Conspiracy?

Internal Conspiracy

Internal Conspiracy – Anybody who is dissatisfied either a man or a group may do harm to the company. Beside this a man or a group may do conspiracy for the destruction of the company and for this he or they may inspire other to do the harm of the company. If this type of information is known before by the member of the security department he should inform this immediately to the administration department and will take necessary actions without any delay.

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Program On Threat:

The main purpose of our organization is to produce quality product according to the demand of its buyer and will export it on due time. But many problems may occur into the organization due to its local and international conspiracy. That type of intrigue may be in two types one is internal and the other is external. If there is any disorder it may create problem in many ways like property loss productivity may be stopped, the product quality is below standard, it may occur by false evidence. For this reason everybody should be alert. If this type of information is known by anyone before they are told to report it to the admin department and it needed discussion. Beside this every employee or worker should be well checked at the time of entrance and departure. Their body should be checked either there is any type of explosive / harmful element inside their bags, parcels or with their bodies.

How To Face The Company Anomalies/ External Attack By Terrorist: If any terrorist activity is found before or if any theft or robbery happens or any major problem happens the theft alarm switch should be on. In this law enforcement department and different local group will come forward to help.

If any anomaly happens or any disorder is noted, the security personnel will have to inform the admin authority except this if any kind of terrorist activity happens they will also inform the admin authority and also to the law enforcement department on phone and will ask for help if needed. Even file a case at police station.

External Conspiracy

Strong conspiracy may go against the company by false evidence given by the labour or employee by the third party which may do destruction of the company and its buyer. For this purpose they may recruit any terrorist or any person knowing that he is able to do harm to the company or its property. For this purpose they may arrange any kind of explosive elements, bombs, arms into the factory. Beside this they can try to put that kind of explosive into the export cartoons. All the security members must be alert in this matter. If any information is known by the security department they are ordered to inform to the admin authority without any delay.

The security personnel must be aware of not only for internal terrorist but also external attack done by the external terrorist. It may be easy to have control on internal conspiracy of the terrorist but it very difficult to prevent external attack. For external attack the security personnel must have depth knowledge of that type of organization whose criminal activities are well known to all. As for example they may keep out look for the recent criminal activities of the modern world like Iraq, Philistine, Afganistan, Srilanka, Pakistan, India, etc. In one word for external conspiracy and attack the total security system and security personnel must be alert each and every time.          

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